guess what - it´s GIVEAWAY time!
to get a PLANT HANGER for free all you have to do is leave a comment under this post until Sunday 21.6.
or/and comment on THIS PICTURE on instagram and like @annawsake
THE WINNER IS @stoeplers
on top of that there are five PLANT HANGERS listed in the shop 
that come with a free set of three tiny ceramic heart pendants made by PAULA VALENTIM
be quick!
Paula also just posted a lovely recipe for OLIVE OIL AND ORANGE BISCUITS
mine turned out to be a bit on the bitter side
i probably used to much orange zest
also we simply can´t get enough of FRÄULEIN TEXT´s GRANOLA - that crunching buckwheat!!!
(i tend to make it with ghee, dried blue berries and cardamom - excellent when you run out of cinnamon)
and those TURMERIC CASHEWS - wow!
it was my first time using cayenne, so they turned out super hot
and can now be used as a spice themselves
and since i had a bottle of almost crystallised rice sirup hidden in on of my vast drawers
i gave this ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL a shot
didn´t look as poetic as in those pictures, more like when you pour a bottle of beer and all that comes out is foam
but now it works (and looks like beer completely without foam)
it looks like i´m completely food driven these days
it´s probably Nigel Slater´s fault
i´m reading too much in his books and now i´m wondering
when i´m going to start dreaming of lamb with apricots and all that tarragon he seams to consume
since foxgloves have planted themselves in the sage patch
(if you´re reading your Agatha Christie closely you know how dangerous that can be)
i don´t dare to try what looks to me like tarragon in my garden
maybe it´s some highly poisonous lookalike too
spent all of my "business money" on getting the blanks for the new collection cut
they just arrived and now SO MUCH work is about to begin
i´m already sore after half a day
so i swear a lot and hide out somewhere eating cookies or nuts
all versions of the BLUE BELL NECKLACES and the PUZZLE RINGS are now back in stock
also i have to get used to the fact that my hair will probably never look neat
and i should probably embrace the style of an unruly toddler
adorned with some of the BARRETTES and HAIR THINGS we´re WORKING ON OF COURSE!
and since i´m working on a ton of gifs to show off our new collection
i thought just tune you in with a tiny one including a smelly chives flower
do i need those SHORTS?
who wants to visit SQIRL with me?
and who does not love this WOMAN?