rather quiet around here
lots of reading and planing
and starting to work on new things
walking through so much snow for hours a day
somehow made my whole body sore
wasn´t that successful at pilates afterwards
no powerhouse
W is listening to THE JAZZ AGE
(ALMA likes it too)
it was a surprise for all his help
he adores Brian Ferry and plays the trumpet in some Dixieland-Jazz Bands
no he can´t get over the harmonies
i bet he´s trying to play them while listening to the record right now
had to cut my geraniums and made lots of tiny new plants
the only kind of recreation going on here :)
now i reached my goal of 30 bouquets before my 30th birthday
(this must be the only project ever i finished 5 months too early...)
well, it was so much fun
i keep on doing them
do you mind?
a nice GIRL gave me some delicates blog snow