oh that glorious weather!
looks like we will have a break from all that sunshine starting this weekend
but how beautiful those weeks have been...
a perfect start for the flea market season
strangely almost all my bargains were somehow rose coloured
a marble lamp foot and a rose/copper coloured mirror
i tried these shoes on with too thick socks
so i probably have to give them to K
unless you´ve got an idea how to shrink vintage Bally sandals a size or two
(wearing my favorite HUI HUI scarf)
E is gone now for almost two weeks
but she left glasses full of coloured water and paint stained cloths all over the place
i quite like how the cat and i turned out
she says i´m getting more and more exhausting
being grumpy and talking endlessly about plants
but she liked that "painter´s primerose"
(i made up that name since it looks like someone draw delicate lines on the petals
probably with a LAMY fountain pen)
and to prove her right:
i´m completely enamoured with those pale yellow wild daffodils
just planted a few last fall to see how i like them
and i do very much
dreaming of a whole meadow of those now
have a wonderful weekend