a day in the workshop is a good day
(although this one didn´t end so good - just burned a whole batch of homemade granola
like really burned it
now the whole house smells awfull and i´m in a very bad mood
maybe i shouldn´t skip lunch
this makes everything go wrong...)
we made a few wedding bands this year
this one is for a girl who wanted to add a bit of bling to her day
(no real diamonds though)
also we work on some quite exhausting little things
adorning castings with tiny lines makes your hands sore
so at least i have to stop every five lines or so and get a different grip
but i love it 
and never get as frustrated as i get in front of my computer
sometimes i bring cake to the workshop
not today - maybe i should have
a bit of redundant flowers for K
who tries to kill every tiny redundant word from her thesis right now
blackberries from my garden
planted by the very patient friend of my grandmother
who´s also in charge of the little vineyard here