(As you can tell, we are really fond of our space heater - these 35€ were basically the best money we ever spent. That box full of jewels is all for a bride getting married this February in Italy and it is such a lovely selection of FAKE CRYSTAL RING + EAR STUDS (there are still some left in the SAMPLE SALE), HUGE DROP BRACELET, custom WEDDING RINGS and a ZIG ZAG NECKLACE.)

I couldn´t sleep so I ordered three hairbands on Ebay at one o´clock in the morning. Five minutes later I remembered that they do give me headaches and will probably collide with the temples of my glasses anyway. But I had just seen Leandra Medine wear one while sleeplessly scrolling through Istagram stories and thought hairbands might just be the thing to go with too long, very uncut, split end hair.

Usually my cat has to lick my face to finally get me out of bed, which I consider a wet way of dry brushing and those germs might just give my immune system something to work on to keep up to date, but the next morning something happened that I am most definitely not used to: I "hit the ground running". I always wondered what that might feel like and was sure I would never use this sentence but I basically rushed to work, cleaned the bathroom and some kitchen shelves, wrote lists of things to tick off and couldn´t wait to finally leave the house, go to the workshop and get some brazing done! And I should have stayed with brazing indeed, assembling all those tiny chain pieces and creating bracelets - the little sisters of the RECYCLING SILVER NECKLACE. But no, I was so high spirited I moved on to a heavy dose of gold work just to realize that this is and probably will always be too much at once.

A few days after I wanted to eat a really awesome cake, I had this blurry idea in my mind of it being so tasty and cakey and divine, it felt like remembering something glorious I had actually never tasted, so I paged through Ottolenghi´s Sweet (skipped the ALNATURA BUTTER this time) and made the seemingly unassuming Raisin and Rum Cake (without the rum caramel glaze) since I had both in the house. Soaking the raisins in rum over night already smelled a lot like my favorite Ritter Sport Rum Traube Nuss chocolate and baked with sour cream it just turned into everything I so vaguely wished for. Ate it while catching up with an INTERNET FRIEND being in town for a few hours. Also it was the perfect good bye to sugar, eggs, dairy and gluten since I´m about to embark on a fruit and vegetable diet any day now - all those oranges are just the beginning. Afterwards I went to a Dizzy Birds concert I had gotten W tickets for this Christmas and felt completely destroyed the morning after. Woke up after a nightmarish sleep with a sore neck and hellish back - went on to messing up the inscription of an ARROW BRACELET and then got into a weird funk of self-loathing that had been building up for a few days now. It is a bit about not feeling good enough and therefore rather going for second best, hoping I won´t disappoint this way and not get disappointed myself. It probably started when I was working on a graphic design project and remembered how frustrated I often felt  doing so, fearing never to be able to please the customer since my way of doing it is never the one but only one in a million. Setting out doing a job that is based on pleasing people is quite something, for example I am often asking myself why I am still hoarding all those BARRETTESDOGS and funny LITTLE GUYS. But for real: why don´t you like our barrettes? Is it the pricing? Don´t you wear your hair up? Will I ever go to the GLORY LAND? The night of the concert I did however find an answer to the question if Swing dancing would be something I´d like to try - it certainly is not. Male lead couple dance gives me an odd degraded feeling and I am embarrassed of my sweaty palms - I actually choose my dance partner in 10th grade dancing class based on the fact that he had too, so we created a very salty concoction between the two of us. Also if I would have had him actually lead, we probably would have gotten quite hurt, so naturally I took over and I still don´t think he minded a bit.