vintage chrysanthemum bedding
a few things i´m working on
made THESE again but this time they turned out more granola than bar


i LOVE pickling/pickles and i already made the second batch of THESE pickles - they are amazing
even K took a glass with her
she already left
before that she gave me a tiny bear
and tried on my bling flip flops - she hates them


K and E are visiting
here E is dancing around in the garden and picking redcurrants
the cake we made of them - with chocolate and mousse a la vanille - was gone too quickly, i only managed to take a picture of empty plates


a little review of E´s semester exhibition at HGB Leipzig
water colour and silk screen print


delivery day
a special necklace for a special lady
made of silver, brass, iron, pebble and leather


pickling cherries - the crop was really poor this year since the tree is suffering from a strange disease (black and brown holes in the leaves and the cherries)
the "blood" stained workplace afterwards
my "gone swimming" note, almost three times a week - feeling kind of sporty


the cover of a photo album from the flea market
feeling a bit like Jane Austen in jersey material
our refreshment tub in the back jard and a little flower something from S


read an interesting story about those light spots on her blog and found some behind the dog roses
got these frames from Denmark at the flea market this weekend (the spoons too) - the larger ones are for K´s favorite pictures she took in Sweden
it´s so hot here, i had to make one of the granitas from the new magazine - i chose earl grey tea with spiced milk and lemon


said and DONE - the heart necklace

i had to work on the extrem shapes - i liked them best, but they looked a bit crooked hanging

faded porcelain dog roses

i have a thing for ribbons and now i found these shoes on sale


happy 21th birthday, E!
i drew some hearts for you (using a very thick pen), if you want to i can do a necklace with them...
it´s really really summer here now
hydrangea, dried earth and lemons
and look at the tiny lemon squezzer i got for 50 cents on the fleamarket!


last post was for E so this one is for K
she is currently on a bicycle tour through Sweden and since she is a light packer she wears a tote bag for sun protection on her head - i´m really dying here to see a picture of that
so this bag picture with a saying by Beuys on it is for you!
the necklace is coming along
sun protection our way and a blooming olive tree

good luck with your presentation today, E!
here are some wood strawberries on a little doll house plate from Saxony
and the figs and the pen with the elks on it are waiting for you!