it has been quite a year
a lot is going to be different in 2012
i hope it´s going to be a good one for everybody
thank you all for visiting
and an even bigger thank you
for making my dream come true
by all the support of my little jewellery career
you are the best
have a great new years eve!



thank you so much for your lovely comments and mails
they really ment a lot
we gathered all twigs and leaves dear to her from her garden
her beloved Virginia Creeper berries and her carefully treated olive and yew tree 
to be with her at her good bye
now i take care of her italian olive tree
and we put a picture of a wreath made of its leaves on her memorial card
a cookie recipe she made on her last day
and paper withes
i got the bulbs - along with a hundred of other kinds - when everything happend
they started to bloom on her stormy funeral
i still can hear the hunting horns bid their farewell
it´s starting to snow now


before everthing happend

i took christmassy pictures of some of my jewellery
and i decided to post then anyway
since i´d love to work on some last minute pieces for you
work certainly has healing powers


she has left us
on a very stormy Wednesday noon
we held her hand and said our goodbyes
she never was alone in this week of her farewell
E sang to her for hours and hours
we are so very sad to have lost her
but she spread her love for dance and music wide
and her way of following her heart affections and dreams
of pursuing the things she loved at any age and any circumstance
staying interested in so many things and people
and keeping an independed and strong mind
of living love in her own way
hopefully lives on in all of us
dance in peace


on Wednesday, very early in the morning
my grandmother had a massive stroke
she´s going to leave us in the next days
we´re hoping she can go easily and peaceful
and an everlasting barn dance in full swing is waiting for her
i lived in her house for the last 5 months
feeling like i´m the elderly lady and she´s 28 years old
this busy she has been
the plans for her Wednesday would have been
teaching dulcimer class, baking for St. Nikolaus 
and playing the hunting horn
at princess Gloria of Thurn und Taxis´Christmas market
followed by leading a dance class for elderly persons
and attending a folk music meeting
in the next couple of days


today i´m starting to show you some of the WSAKE jewellery
sort of a gift guide
so here we start of with a new version of the HAMMERED EMBOSSED PENDANT
there are two new options avaiable
iron and brass
embossed and hand carved
of course custom made if you wish
(see carving tools above)
if you´re interested in a pendant with more then 5 letters
we can probably work something out now


since i realized how much the light blue DOT CARD
looks like a snowy wintery sky
they´re now available HERE
the tiny sheep seem to like it too
(don´t look to close, K...)


my new - last minute - FLORAL CHRISTMAS CARDS are in the SHOP
did a lot of writing with all kinds of christmassy twigs and leaves
two kinds of holly, mistel toe and fir (again)
printed on a heavy matte 350g card board
have a nice weekend everybody


(as presented in the Süddeutsche Magazin gift guide )
i´m so lucky two of my polaroids are shown in this calender
you can get it HERE
currently i´m trying to turn a huge light bulb
- probably from the 50s - 
into a snow globe
and a tiny bit of gold
i like it most in it´s undone look


still trying to take pictures of the CHRISTMAS CARDS
in evening light
working on DARK MOON iron pendants
hosting quite some geraniums for the winter months in my apartment
some of them had to cut back a little to fit in
so every room is filled with delicate smelling arrangements
more floral christmas cards coming soon


it´s so complicated to take pictures of fancy glossy silver paper
so i will try some more
my CHRISTMAS CARDS are here!
find them in the SHOP


a few things i tried
but didn´t work out
pretty though


a custom made PEBBLE RING
(if your size isn´t available - we can make you a special one)
some remains in a cobweb - picture taken on halloween
a wooly delivery from my favorite STORE
a picture of me sitting cross legged on the floor and a bracelet made of too strong pills
as an homage to my pain killers and physiotherapy 
a year ago one of the many things i hadn´t done for a very long time
was sitting on something different then a big ball
so thank you both
(and please don´t turn against  me pills!)


happy halloween everybody
forced W to go hunting with me
for lovely coloured twigs and berries in the park
so i could make a seasonal arrangement
actually i wanted to include some spooky bones
but the only ones i found in our garden
were tiny relicts from our bunnies
(now the hole thing has to stay outside
due to the ever so sticking goldenrod seeds)
also i added my creepy feet in traditional oberpfälzer stockings
and a new BOOK with bones on it


just a quick post before heading out in the rain
for a bit of acupuncture
as always i´m way too late in making christmas cards
this time i had about 10 different motives
and now i´m choosing 4 to actually be printed
on glossy silver card board
to add something bright to this grey day
i think i´ll turn those quinces into compote


not in the best mood today
has someting to do with work stuff, foggy suburbs and a bit of back pain
almost killed a plant by drying it out completly
and i thought i´m more the root rotting kind
but my basil cuttings thrive pretty and bloom
didn´t know that this was possible with perennial plants
until RENILDE told me
and to fight off the fog and cold
i´m wearing my MUKU (have a look at their adorable childrens clothes) scarf today
(hopefully W doesn´t try to steal i from me again)


THEY said those scarlet runner beans are so beautiful
i would have to take a picture
right after i opend the pod
so that is what i did
and then i got a nailpolish called peridot
which goes very well with EMBOSSED PENDANTS
and geranium leafs


really don´t like working on my computer right now
so much better to glue together cardboard, saw letters and paint them
or producing custom made PENDANTS
i thought embossing was hard so W was doing most of it
but it turns out i´m a natural
please order some more
it´s so much fun
and my physiotherapists say it´s better for me anyway
did you find the tiny spot of geranium in this post?


i´m salting
a few years ago i tried to recreate Benvenuto Cellinis Saliera
in salt and pepper
now i´m working on a more Christmassy project


one more day and autumn is supposed to arrive
after those unbelievable sunny days
almost got a sun stroke yesterday
make this TOMATO SOUP right away
but double the amount
since you´re going to love it that much
dozens and dozens of peonies produced one single seed
put it in soil right away
please do not tell me growing peonies doesn´t work that way
because i already see myself as a successful flower farmer here
it´s going to be that luscious pale pink kind...


a weird combination of vanilla sour milk to go with red berry compote
don´t know how this happend
seems like i can´t separate the projects i´m working on right now any more


this was the last time i didn´t swap sunflower oil for melted butter
when baking a cake
i really don´t like the taste
but the cream cheese peanut butter frosting to go with it is AMAZING
some days start off foggy 
but all turn out to be unbelievable sunny
found those geranium twigs rippes off on the street
and of course had to save them.
a necklace made of tiny beads made of wood
found in a fair trade store


i got W to work on some fake brass crystals
he doesn´t like it since it´s fiddly work
but he seems to enjoy to get out his electronic Black & Decker file once in a while
when my absolute flower hero over at SAIPUA
i fell in love with those plants
now my appartment starts looking like a green house
but i´m not going to stop
wanna swap some leaves?
LITTLE FRAME NECKLACE now available in brass
on a string of vintage twine


i´m clearly no early adopter...
when even W asked me if i "have a facebook"
sounding like it´s actually a book
i thought it´s time to "get a facebook"
so HERE you can find WSAKE
and ME, too


the BLACK PENDANT NECKLACES are now listed in the SHOP
did you ever cook pasta in vegetable juice?
quite easy
you just have to add a bit of cheese and some toasted nuts
to get lots of free fruit
drive around the suburbs
in front of every garden you can find baskets with apples, pears, ...
i got those - needed a change after so many apples from my grandmother


another round of grey pictures
of the broches and necklaces.
actually there is quite some colour in my everyday life
but when it comes to work
i´m totally drawn to greys and neutrals
on the other hand 
i just got crazy sparkling christmas lights on the flea market


retracing inspiration
where do things come from?
obviously triangles are all over the place
and i had to put this ancient triangular punch to use
but there are also those black brooches W made decades ago
and S used to wear so often
maybe that is why i made W forge iron
and heat it black