still working on those new earrings
trying out some arrow shapes
one shot up
one shot down
i think it´s fun
lot´s of sunshine
and plant louse infested geraniums
they´re gonna get a quite poisonous treatment tonight
and i have to find a way to make those sheep ricotta + cheese balls without eggs
maybe i´ll add some soaked chia seeds
has anyone ever used those instead of eggs?
cat had an unfortunate incident with a tilted window
but since i found her within minutes
it doesn´t look like she´s having severe injuries
she´s pretty pissed though about having to stay inside again
instead of climbing the apple tree and napping on the patio
i´m currently rereading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
at first it might seam slightly sentimental
but it´s actually the best, spot on characters and brilliant writing
and as odd as everything might be it makes total sense
that´s all i can say
are there any other fans of her out there?
i´d love to hear!
(i wasn´t that into The Burgess Boys but i´m thinking about reading her other ones as well)
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