it looks like i´m very good at channeling a saint
not interested in that career though
being one involves lots of pain and making miracles happen
turned some casualties caused by severe cutting back
into a divine smelling wreath
if someone would be interested in making me fall in love with him
it might help a great deal if he wore the scent of santoline, artemisia and basil
get´s me every time...
my hydrangeas are still battling with the ground
small flower heads but they do look quite optimistic to me
and i´m very smitten with those tiny explosive looking ALLIUMS
(quite a match in that vase looking like a grenade somehow)
they come in lots of colours and i´m going to order ALL of them this fall
for a ginger cat owner
and a custom made silver plated HAIR COMB
it turned out so nice we decided to offer tis option too
and a very old plum tree breaking down bearing too much fruit
and YES, E would very much like to sell her paintings
do get in touch with her any time
a for no reason my favorite part of Breakfast at Tiffany´s:
"The sky was red Friday night, it thundered, and Saturday, departing day, 
the city swayed in a squall-like downpour. 
Sharks might have swum through the air, 
tough it seemed improbable a plane could penetrate it."
you just have to love Truman Capote