again, a new favorite cookbook - Super Natural Every Day
it´s so amazing, you really can trust every praise you find on the web
already made the Yogurt Biscuits three times
quite great with a bit of feta added to the dough
W proudly showing off one of his technical masterpieces
the clasp of the CHUNKY BRACELET


i always loved the drop shape of W´s bracelet from the 1980
made of silver and tombac
so i wanted to create something based on his design
but with a less static feel about it
so we kind of cut it into tiny slices
10 bracelets instead of one
always moving on your wrist
a very geometric form constantly disolving
and creating new shapes with every motion
the treasure chest shown is full of his designs from this time period
so much to find there...


a few new things in the SHOP
going to tell you a bit about the little stories
behind those pieces in the next couple of days
shown here:


on the Easter weekend i finally got to read The Gentlewoman
a great magazine
almost felt a bit intimidated by all these successful women
and i took lot of pictures for the upcoming shop update
the sun was shining a lot so there was quite a bit of SHADOW play, too
currently i´m working on the SILHOUETTE CHARM orders for Mothers Day
there´s still a tiny bit of time to order yours for this occasion
the one shown above is A, K and E
given to our grandmother for ChristmasLink


Linkhappy Easter everybody!
M didn´t believe my vintage Max & Moritz pudding mold would work
but i proved him wrong...
stay tuned for a little SHOP update next week


this pebble looks a bit like a tiny skull
i´m wondering who or what mede those holes...
a little plum plate and a funny moon cookie cutter
from last weeks fleamarket visit
it´s so incredible warm around here
feels like Summer arrived even before Spring


just a bit of fabric
an enamel plate
a little paper bag S brought back from Portugal

and two 60s flower pots from the fleamarket
now i´m off to work


these four anchient creatures are Ks new colleges
there´s an other one - a blondie - but i had to cut her out of the picture
next time it will be all about her
K takes so great pictures of her fieldwork
tiny HORSE looks kind of afraid and on the run next to the Highland cattle
i used AT SWIM TWO BIRDS tutorial to make this potholder
i admit it was a kind of nerve-racking procedure
but i´m working on the next one already

make sure to have a look at hers - she´s such an inspiration
for outstanding handcraft


the WILD BUNCH has entered the SHOP today
seven funny guys
available in silver and dyed black silver
on a string of grey silk
hopefully K arrives soon so i can take pictures for the other updates
she´s a quite good hand model
so leave those Chinese roses alone and come on home


my bruise from taking a blood sample is finally starting to fade away
there´s going to be a shop update at the end of the week
so this is your last chance to get your hands on the items in the SALE section
we have to make some room for a bunch of wild guys
planing on forcing E to paint some tiny pictures for tiny heart frames
maybe she gets over her painting crisis this way
got a lovely delivery of FOG LINEN dish towels from NEEST


these pendants are currently on their way to Graz
NOISES FOR JAPAN, 12.4., 20:00, Barprojekt
if you´re in the area make sure to stop by
the entry is free
you can donate by buying silkscreen printed shirts or the NECKLACE
while listening to fine electronic music
after working on quite abstract jewellery
i just had to come up with some weird little guys
KAREN already joined the game with a lovely list
ans she invited everybody to play along
great idea - leave a little note if you write something, too
so i can hop over and read it


weeks and weeks ago CATHERINE invited me to play along
and tell seven things about me
so this is why the next sentences all start with an "I"
i´ve got an heavy Bavarian accent when it comes to speaking English
so i´m quite happy you can´t hear me saying out loud
what i´m typing here on my blog
i´m living with my parents right now
but i´m planing on moving out – again – sometimes soon
i love the internet, especially the blog world
next to books and magazines it´s my daily source
for amazing things I would never have found out about
without you all out there
and since I started blogging myself
I met some really lovely people from all over the world
and using the internet has become quite personal
it doesn´t feel lonely in front of the screen anymore
i always wanted to wear glasses
but i´m still blessed with perfect eye sight…
once upon a time W had mercy with me
and made me some of modeling clay
now i´m wearing sunglasses every day
i´m a bit obsessed with food and eating
most of my cookbooks have to hide in boxes
since there simply is not enough space
(it´s the same with kitchen supplies)
i started collecting recipe clippings right after i learned to read
and of course now i spend a great amount of time browsing food blogs
i´m a collector/hoarder of all things nice and shiny
scarfs, vintage dinnerware and glass beads, books, nailpolish, shoes, skirts
(actually clothes in general)
orchids are a quite new obsession now
i adore my physiotherapists
their constant help kept me sane these last two years of back pain
it´s amazing to be able to help peolpe this much
actually i don´t really know what "to tag" means
but here i tag along - in case you want to share a bit about you, too:


happy birthday, N!
the best of luck for you and little K for the next year of your life
we´re sending our love around the world right into the jungle
thanks to you all purchasing the HELP JAPAN NECKLACE
we transfered 1425 Euros to the Red Cross yesterday
and we think this is really amazing
you can still buy the necklace - we´re doing a second donation then
CHEZ DANISSE included our fund-raiser
in one of her beautifully written posts
it´s so warm and sunny around here - almost feels like summer
some of Es paintings


gold plated version of the ringing ring
some of Es landscapes while she was hanging them
planing on taking a few better pictures of the exhibiton tomorrow


also taking pictures of some 0941 clothes

and my beloved stacked rings

more to come soon