a quick weird post
before a little sunny dinner on the veranda
inspired (like a lot of bloggers) by ELISABETHS post
on showing your face on your blog
(RIKE is even smiling at us quite animated now - nice)
i think i only showed pictures of tiny me so far
and i still don´t feel comfortable showing too much
BUT here are some paintings E (that´s my talented sister) made of me
(since pictures couldn´t do their colours justice i changed them a bit)
she actually did a lot of those
while i was quite immobilized by back pain
there´s even one of me taking a bath (sold)
an other time i have to show you her "early masterpiece" grumpy me
also some pictures from a photo booth
i look a lot like W in his crazy hair time in those
(well, his hair is always crazy)
and really shocked by the flash
where are you?