W isn´t that into finishing pieces anymore since i´m working with him
so i did the last steps for the golden ring we made for S´s birthday
i guess it´s called a shell ring in english
and it´s a shame i didn´t take more pictures of the process
since you wouldn´t believe how this one came to life
S and me got a bit carried away succulent shopping at the flea market
like i said before an excellent place to score amazing species at an even more excellent price
the succulents on my patio suffered from various kinds of sunburn
water drops, glass and brass planter induced
poor things - stupid me
also from the flea market:
a jewel bird for bird watching K and a wooden monkey for S
she probably should have become a monkey zoo keeper instead of an elementary school teacher
well, maybe it´s kind of similar though
a sneak peak of a new piece i was working on with the wonderful PAULA
to be found in our shops in a couple of weeks