worked on some new NECKLACES - i´ll put them in the SHOP later on today
since i have to work this weekend
i have to wait till i can read THE PLANT JOURNAL
do you know it? Is it good?


a lot of new backdrops in my new apartement
parquet flooring and linoleum covered furniture
snacking on black berries while working
my  - currenly -  favorite berry
love those nature shaped pearls


hello there
i´m back but still very busy moving
spend an awful first night in the new apartment
(hope this doesn´t mean something bad ...)
and can´t get used to the fact that i´m living in the suburbs now 
now i´m trying to set up everything in every free minute
found these heart cut jewels on the fleamarket last week


getting my new appartement ready
and lots and lots of work
are kind of keeping me away from here
but i hope to return soon


working on a cherry pit pillow
requires eating a lot of cherries
really hard work...


sun and thunder stroms take turns
one of the house plants i got for my new apartment
those apparently die very quickly
i hope i can take good care of it
have a great summer weekend
i´m going to make those STUFFED SHELLS tomorrow
again - third time...


(actually i wanted to use the pictures of you looking like a tiny pope...)
let me remind you:
i was very disappointed when you arrived

you were completely useless

all you wanted to do was lie around and sleep
not fun!
and now you don´t clean up your room and have boundary issues
come on!
we love you!

have a great day - see you on the weekend

(do the wave)


the PEBBLE NECKLACES are leaving the shop soon
to make some room for new things
so if you´re interested hurry up
so glad i took this trip to Munich with Eva over a week ago
even though my stomach hurt
we visited all our favourite shops especially COS
but also the MUSEUM BRANDHORST to have a bit of art in there too
i don´t think i´ll keep those pink sandals


enjoyed some chocolate truffles while watching Gossip Girl
still remember how blown away i was when i watched it for the first time
my roommates used to recognize a certain Goosip Girl glow on me...
the weather is changing so much and so often

i´m bringing this MACARONI SALAD to our street festival tonight
hopefully there´s no thunderstrom on it´s way again

thank you for featuring the WILD BUNCH over at SMALLER
have a nice weekend