still snowing
we found some christmas tigers for our nephew - don´t show him yet,N!
a huge glass bead parcel arrived today
so amazing to discover all those new shades and shapes
thank you big time, Sara!


first snow
quite cold in the workshop
setting up a work bench in the kitchen now


hello there, high tech chain of LED lights!
you have to wear sunglasses at night to work with them
should i keep this mosaic style scarf?
i know i got more than enough...


these black and white pictures have nothing to do with it
but at the checkout counter of a drugstore
i found both seasons of PUSHING DAISIES
good for me
but actually i think those should be sold at pastry shops only
it´s a pitty they were canceled after just two seasons
and i turned my favorite cookie cutter into a NECKLACE


dear W,
pretty please make us at least two more of these silver mirrors
we need them to check our complexion
and look at our hair from behind
and the clock down left
yeah... we need that, too
we promise we´d be good
and we get you an other dangerous looking black coat
if you want to
anyone wanna join this wishlist?


please please do some sewing for me, E!
(the lovely WIKSTEN PATTERN just arrived)
got a couple of new lamps - this vintage one is on my nightstand
not sure what to do with my wood made of tiny pressed birch leaves
maybe a postcard?


today WSAKE is part of the great WHERE WE BLOG FROM serie
thank you so much for having me, Jane!
it´s such an honour!
have a look HERE


a salting bunny is a bit odd, i know
those holes in the head - cruel
but i couldn´t help it - the red Thumper had to come home with me
(K already got a yellow one)
stamping wrapping paper
and our embossed alphabet


we just added a lot of new necklaces to the shop
to get you in a christmassy kind of mood
a few jolly things to give to loved ones and to yourself
bold festive red and snowy white vintage glass beads
a lot of sparkling silver and - for the first time - tiny bits of gold
as always everything is handmade and one of a kind
come on over


thank you so much for your nice comments lately!
i´m still waiting... don´t know what´s gonna come out...
i´ve got some lovely stuff from some lovely bloggers shops in the mail
can´t wait to show you...
down right a postcard from Studio Violet
and i´ve added some variations of the Silhouette Charm to the Shop
working with feathers again, the dark kind
(would you like to get this table cloth for your little blue kitchen, K?)


the doctors acted a bit scared about the new nailpolish i got this weekend
apparently real nails this colour are a very bad sign
now i´m waiting for their verdict
hoping they come up with a way to find out what´s wrong
without drilling into my vertebra


actually i decided to live on chocolate croissants
but today i´m turning these beauties into Beer Baked Beans
tomorrow i´ll get my inflamed vertebras checked out by some specialists
i´m a bit scared though
maybe i´ll take Little Laughing Dog with me to cheer me up
( yesterday i listened to Gigi
now i´d like to throw some langue de chat at a rich guy
who wants to start a scandolous affair
anyone?! )


yesterday i got loads of shirts and sweaters from 0941
the best kind of clothing, the kind you wanna live in
softest fabric, most flattering cut, hand dyed for a one of a kind look
manufactured in Italy
i did some prints for their summer 2011 collection
you can see it HERE
what am i gonna wear today?


the second season of The Killing started two weeks ago
very exciting
they are featuring the best dark circles around the eyes
and Lund has a new red sweater
makes me wanna knit while watching
got inspired by my favorite vintage cookie cutter
you just wait and see


trying to take better pictures of the Custom Made Silhouette Charm
not completly satisfied yet
an other plate from the 50s collection
we turned some of our apple crop into Maple-Brandy Apple Butter
and since we don´t have pecans around here
i substituted those Rosmary and Thyme Candied Pecans with walnuts and almonds
delicious nevertheless
an autumnal nailpolish called "chop-sticking to my story"
don´t know what that means...