what i like about this summer so far:
(he had us waiting a loooong time)
having my sister visiting me for weeks
soon to be joined by an other one
adding apricots to almost every meal
especially savoury ones
basil blossoms
the smell of linden trees and Virginia creeper in full bloom
even more wonderful at night
a new stall at the farmers market:
a young couple selling their delicious sheep milk products
"my" flower lady at the same market
i´m such a good customer she actually misses me when i won´t show up for a week
it´s old variaties of tiny cushion pink carnations at this time of year
yet another new crazy coloured hydrangea
with brownish foliage
listening to W play the cornet at street festivals
singing his crazy version of Running Wild
his Dixiland Jazz band also plays Blueberry Hill "despite" its being a hit
to me such a hill would be the most perfect one 
DROP RINGS in silver and gold
TRIANGLE NECKLACE, a few black and white beads made of bone
and some vintage rhine stone jewellery
BURT´S BEES lip balm in Tiger Lily
a favorite new sweater
lost of white and blue dresses and shirts
an exciting new project including pink pepper corns
working on our little Summer collection
which will be ready by the end of the week
dried rose petals and bee pollen - like in HEIDI´S yoghurt bowl
(thank you for the reminder, ALMA)
Nigel Slater´s TENDER - both volumes - so wonderful
already made the gooseberry pie twice
adding a bit of buckwheat flour to the dough and using ghee instead of butter
which results in the most tender crumbly crust
NINA likes them too
a new stamp for my packaging
looks a bit childish, so i just ordered another more grown up one
a TINY BOUQUET made with the first tiny hydrangeas and succulent flowers
the first currants from the garden
what i don´t like:
mosquito pest
a brand new awfully itchy sun allergie
managed to kill some of my begonias by fertilizing them
so many wonderful lists everywhere:
Julie´s ZETTEL and ALBUM
TI´S June
ALMA´S wonderful selections - always