when W isn´t around my workshop HELPER tells me all about his spectacular (love) life
i don´t know how this affects my work, but it is definitely entertaining
by now i´m addicted to wax carving
and there are already some more techniques on the horizon i might also fall in love with
so please don´t stop me now
our WATERING CAN got new pictures taken
and hopefully my broody pouring doesn´t cast a shadow on it´s pretty features
a big thank you to all the lovely couples trusting us with creating their wedding bands
also pictured: various stages of HAIR THINGS making
in case you also want to try this glorious APPLE ONION CHEESE TART - now is the time
i also add all kinds of left over roasted vegetables to the filling and a bit of THIS to the dough


since all the BULBS are planted (by my mom) 
and i don´t like spending my evenings outside anymore (cold and dark) 
i started pottering around in the flat (i seem to be very productive lately)
and came across a small stack of pictures JULIE sent me after she took them at our garden party
in the wonderful summer of 2013, actually the whole year of 2013 was great
we started to earn real money with WSAKE, i met wonderful new friends, my sisters stayed over for long stretches of time and - most importantly - i didn´t know about the health stuff that was coming my way in the following years
it really was an amazing evening, the hottest that year
and my sisters and me prepared sooo much food and invited sooo many friends over
and then we all overate completely
thank you so much for capturing it all, Julie!
(i only managed to take some PICTURES of the flower decoration and then forgot all about it
- a sure sign of time well spent)
at one point late at night E declared she´s too tired to talk and she has to clean up the dishes instead
 - two things that never happen
oh, i almost forgot - this was also the night my sister Klara got famous for her version
and as far as i can tell by these pictures we also had
a version of Rose Bakery´s MATCHA RASPBERRY CAKE
and a lot of classics from my mum and freestyle salads
+ a few focaccias a la Jamie Oliver


next up in the BOOK CLUB - a little something to prolong summer just for a tiny bit:
apparently it´s scandalous, amoral and very french - and sad too
also it is a very small book, so a fast reader might still join us, since i´m late again in posting the invitation
in case you do - let me know
we´ll meet on Wednesday, October 5th, at 7.30 pm