since i´m too busy (and sick) to take pictures myself
this is the perfect opportunity to show you some pictures taken by RAINER 
when he visited our workshop together with the lovely JULIE
(back when it was not winter...)
we had a wonderful time
W showing some of his techniques
telling everybody several times - like predicted - he wants to work i an ample hall once more
instead of our tiny messy workshop
and we finished the last prototypes for the PUZZLE RINGS
he told me to take off my scarf
since no sane goldsmith would saw wearing a scarf
well, now it´s so cold (and we have a cold, too) we´re also wearing down jackets and hats
the wood fired oven is doing its best
but we´re still freezing
find some more pictures HERE
again: some videos
Jay Z goes THE ARTIST IS PRESENT - i like the dancer with the golden cap
END THE STRAIGHT WORLD ORDER - made my sister stop shaving her legs

all pictures by RAINER EIDEMÜLLER