the silversmith and his daughter
eating food-silver plated ice cream
a completely guilty but divine pleasure
we think THEY should sponsor our Summer´s ice cream ration
since we´re such a perfect match
and oh so very pretty
the WATERING CAN got quite spoiled by all of your nice comments
now she gleams and glistens in the sun
and pretends she can not only pour water but also rose petals
also the story how a KNIGHTLY PONY comes alive
(my favorite LITTLE GUY)
gruesome W put the wire right through his eye
before putting him into the corrosive fluid
three days of sandal weather - yay
but right now it´s raining
why doesn´t MOSS COPENHAGEN ship to Germany?! (found via MEINGEFANGEN)
in case anyone is taking a vacation there - do let me know
there´s a coffee table just like THOSE TWO around the house - now i have to revive it
delicious SCONE IDEA


thank you so much for the warm welcome of our NEW COLLECTION
my cat´s wound got infected
so she had to wear a collar to keep her from licking off the antibiotics
had to turn my stray cat girl into a house cat
she´s doing okay but tried several times to escape her imprisonment so far
right now she´s scratching on the window putty
we´re quite the team of convalescents
slow but full of ideas
(she was so disoriented she sat on her toilet like a human being
told E about it and she painted a picture for me that pretty much nailed it)
made a marzipan tart loosely based on this RECIPE for my birthday
used my favorite pie crust and rolled it out in ground hazel nuts
and by adding lots of orange juice to the marzipan i accidentally created an utterly delicious marzipan cream
maybe the pistachios taste even better roasted
in the background you can see the May page of the wonderful ERNTEKALENDER by PHOTISSERIE 
(available HERE)
thank you all for your wonderful cards, well wishes and beautiful gifts
apparently i seem like a very busy lady
got not one but two LIST PADS
this pretty one was created by BASTIS RIKE
my parents tried to get the mother of pearl watch repaired i found on the flea market
but no one wanted to take it on, since it´s only pretty but very cheaply made
got lots of other pretty things instead
look out for a very tiny diamond ring W made me with some left over rose gold
(worn with a PUZZLE + VERY TINY DOTTED RING some prototypes and the ARROW BRACELET)
from a custom project that turned out pretty in the end
but was a disastrous adventure
we´re no gold smiths after all
S got me a fancy black dress
(the dotted one is a nicely executed H&M knock off of a CHLOE DRESS i do feel a bit bad about)
treated myself to quite a few cacti from a booth at the fun fair
those are only the tip of my cacti ice berg...
look at those colours, shapes and needles!
custom made PRETZEL NECKLACE with glass beads
last stages of my CARNAVAL DE NICE TULIPS
some things i like (or like to try):
grown up rice pudding
(roasting risotto rice in a bit of ghee and deglazing with white wine before adding goat milk, brown sugar and a bay leaf)
ALEX SICKLING´S NEW WORK (there are some Alpaca Planters on their way for me...)
a dark blue suede JAMES CASTLE BAG
ZEIT (pistacio parfait - thank you for the inspiration, S) MENUS (aniseed cake!)
a new BLANKET by Elisabeth Dunker


since i´m almost as good as new
it´s about time to finally show you the new collection
we have been working on our new pieces since the beginning of this year
there are a lot of completely new things like our HAIR COMBS (love those...)
and a very high end WATERING CAN (both reeditions of Ws most awesome pieces)
also we added some more options to the WAVED RINGS + BRACELETS
BEATEN RINGS to go with the bracelets in the same look
the CHUNKY BRACELET was one of our first pieces together
and since it´s so great we decided to make those again
take a look at the SHOP
a huge thank you to my ever so patient models K (arms and hands), S + S + S (hair and heads)


the workshop will be closed next week
i´m taking a little break
but hopefully i´ll be back in no time to work on your orders
and show you all the pieces of the new collection
here you can already see a little glimpse of some rings, necklaces and bracelets
the garden is in full bloom now
don´t know what to pick first
that pink bush in the last picture seems to be a typical high-rise building plant
next to pine trees throwing off their cones in a very angry manner right now
see you soon