can you actually decipher those tiny blurred pixelated letters?!
yes, yes - i did that on purpose because we´re reading THE SECRET HISTORY by DONNA TARTT
so everything is very hushed up and mysterious
well, it´s also pretty Greek, drunk, cruel, freezing, delirious and fancy 
(one could come up with a ton of descriptive adjectives for this stunner of a novel)
but we´re not being secretive about the date though in case you want to join our BOOK CLUB:
we´re meeting again on 8.3., 7.30 pm 
for more information just send me an email
I´m not sure what those buckwheat scones with apple and creme fraiche have to do with this story
but the characters sure had an excessive way of wining and dining so maybe they would have liked them


this would have been a great post for Valentine´s Day, but looking at wedding pictures is a nice treat any day
so here you can see two very sweet couples we were able to work with
oh my, such pretty brides and handsome grooms... (and a very cute toddler!)
Marta and Antonio (love the fact that he´s carrying the bouquet for her) - pictures by VICTOR LAFUENTE
LENA and Tom - pictures by  FRITZ BIELMEIER
you can find a lot more of our wedding bands, engagement rings and custom work HERE
also we just opened our SHOP again and you can get a 10% discount with the code WELCOMEBACK
until the end of February


as a thank you for an other wonderful WSAKE year
we want to offer you a 15% discount over the holidays
for three days only - starting now, ending on 26.12.
all you have to do is enter the code MERRY15 in our SHOP at check out
we want to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year
lots of love from our workshop!


this is a
to a bit of
Saturday, 17.12., 1 - 5 pm

WSAKE showroom
Am Gries 35
Regensburg, Stadtamhof

looking forward to seeing you!


here we are:
do take a LOOK at all of those pieces i made W create in the last months
we were quite amazed again by the natural beauty of the stones we used
they really were a treat (and pain - we managed to break only one during the process) 
to work with and of course they had to be set in gold
to make them shine even fancier
it was our "hardest" collection so far
the SUNS were actually drawn when i could only use my left hand
(but now they look so very hopeful and bright)
and in the process of creating all of the pieces i had to say good bye to my old way of working
and W hab to take on tasks we wasn´t used to so far
also there is a HUGE SAMPLE SALE going on
where you can find all of our discontinued pieces
and then there is this sweet mention in the HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE
of our stockist MAKERS&BROTHERS