a weird combination of vanilla sour milk to go with red berry compote
don´t know how this happend
seems like i can´t separate the projects i´m working on right now any more


this was the last time i didn´t swap sunflower oil for melted butter
when baking a cake
i really don´t like the taste
but the cream cheese peanut butter frosting to go with it is AMAZING
some days start off foggy 
but all turn out to be unbelievable sunny
found those geranium twigs rippes off on the street
and of course had to save them.
a necklace made of tiny beads made of wood
found in a fair trade store


i got W to work on some fake brass crystals
he doesn´t like it since it´s fiddly work
but he seems to enjoy to get out his electronic Black & Decker file once in a while
when my absolute flower hero over at SAIPUA
i fell in love with those plants
now my appartment starts looking like a green house
but i´m not going to stop
wanna swap some leaves?
LITTLE FRAME NECKLACE now available in brass
on a string of vintage twine


i´m clearly no early adopter...
when even W asked me if i "have a facebook"
sounding like it´s actually a book
i thought it´s time to "get a facebook"
so HERE you can find WSAKE
and ME, too


the BLACK PENDANT NECKLACES are now listed in the SHOP
did you ever cook pasta in vegetable juice?
quite easy
you just have to add a bit of cheese and some toasted nuts
to get lots of free fruit
drive around the suburbs
in front of every garden you can find baskets with apples, pears, ...
i got those - needed a change after so many apples from my grandmother


another round of grey pictures
of the broches and necklaces.
actually there is quite some colour in my everyday life
but when it comes to work
i´m totally drawn to greys and neutrals
on the other hand 
i just got crazy sparkling christmas lights on the flea market


retracing inspiration
where do things come from?
obviously triangles are all over the place
and i had to put this ancient triangular punch to use
but there are also those black brooches W made decades ago
and S used to wear so often
maybe that is why i made W forge iron
and heat it black


guess what?!
wore a Dirndl yesterday at the fun fair (kind of a miniature Oktoberfest)
it was custom made for my grandmother, refittet for my mother and now mine
do you wear a traditional costume sometimes?
in case you´re interested in one of the EMBOSSED PENDANTS in the picture
let me know
they´re almost gone before i could put them up in the shop