this isn´t what it looks like (chaos, a mess,...)
W set up a little workplace for the back injured
guess i looked to awful trying to saw in a strange bowing position...


sent my portfolio to the printer and did a geranium-topmodel-shooting (all my cuttings made it to the next round...) searched for their botanical names, so what do we have here:
(starting at the upper left corner, clockwise)
pelargonium sidoides - also known as umckaloabo, it`s from south africa, but i got at one of my last visits to the farmers market in stuttgart
pelargonium fragrans variegatum
didn`t found a name
pelargonium denticulatum filiciforium
the velvety one in the second picture ist pelargonium tomentosum
and next to it a geranium-killer


another ebay-bid i won, i have quite the thing for metallic shoes...
working with the beads from a torn necklace from 1900 - i actually wanted to keep it just how i found it but it ripped the minute i put it on
people with a slipped disc need a warm place at night...
a clipping board W made for displaying ever changing paper goods


a few pieces of the garen collection are available even in our small town - but i´m still looking for the blue skirt with the bright flowers . what do you think of my shopping so far?


working on my portfolio

making these

lost the ebay-bid on the perfect sonia rykiel-bag because my computer shut down in the last minute, but i got these earclips - found them right after i heard about a possible wedding...no pressure!


again: snow
again: necklaces
again: ranunculus


the little ones are leaving home now...

...had to take a few more pictures


light pink wrappingpaper in Ws workshop




a very small geranium cutting from two years ago

already have plans for the green and pink gemstones

got a little nostalgic and made these

something pink for this grey day - necklace made of unknown stone...


searching for a pretty fabric to upholster a chair S got at the flea market

the new nail polish is called "swept off my feet"

wearing a ring i designed a couple of years ago and one S gave to me - both made by W


pretty entry form for a poster contest in moscow
collected evil payback points/dots and got this book
first day without boots
an outlet-kind-of-shop opend right in the center of the city this weekend, everyone behaved like at a childs birthday party - found this scarf amongst a lot of junk


look - this was in the mail today!
i "posed" just like jill did before sending the card - i´m so lucky about it and now i´m searching for an adequate spot to display it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
seems like spring finally arrived - one of the caterpillars i hosted for the winter in a big glass jar (to keep my geranium cuttings from being killed) became a beautiful butterfly and took off into the sun. he is the master of camouflage, neongreen as a caterpillar and now he looks very "woody".
turned the rabbit into a birthdaycard for our uncle and went to the fleamarket for the first time after the winter break. don`t even know what to call it in german, but i think what i got is kind of a flower "grid".