thank you for your sweet comments on my last post
now i´m thinking of having you all over
we would probably make a good eating team...
i´m almost done with my christmas work
(well, i still have some ideas up my sleeves)
you can find a first sneek peek of my new cards HERE
(thanks to a LINK found on dear RIKEs site
they´re going to be printed ecofriendly - yay)
and - they are available for wholesale (just let me know if someone is interested in a line sheet)
found my favorite SANDALS on the fair in Paris
perfect for picking flowers and all other things


E was visiting for a bit more than two days
and we did spend a lot of time eating  - that´s almost all we did actually
and reading ELISABETH DALHOUSIE and FLAVIA DE LUCE mysteries in the sweltering heat
as promised i made the LEMON VERBENA BLUEBERRY PIE
(couldn´t find a small enough dish, so the top turned out kind of shattered)
i won´t tell you the very small amount of time passing by 
while the pictures of the baking tray full of blueberry and cream biscuits and the one without them were taken...
we also had melon granita, pasties filled with pumpkin, zuccini and all kinds of cheese, 
roasted sweet potatoes and radishes with spelt, she introduced me to Chinese cabbage
and i came up with "pie without the crust" - it´s kind of awseome
so far we had mascarpone with blackberries (thank you for that, dear Stephanie) and roasted peaches with ricotta
topped with herb sugar
we just couldn´t bake or eat another pie, so we just had the topping without the crust
E left in our grandmothers sandals
now i´m waiting for K to come to have an other feast


this sunday i listened to the comedy radio play DER HOLLEDAUER SCHIMMEL
a Bavarian classic from the 50s
it really is the best - i was laughing from the beginning to the end
and it reminded me i made a TINY BOUQUET #14 ANDENKEN AN MÜNCHEN
(using a vintage cup saying so - unfortunatly you can´t see that)
this was a couple of month ago
and while i worked on it
i told W about some setbacks and got a bit carried away
so i´m sure he thought i lost it when i started to add pretzel sticks
to give it an OBATZTER look (a Bavarian cheese cream eaten in beer gardens)
and i made an apricot caramel cake - turned out so sweet my teeth hurt
if E comes visiting tomorrow i´ll give this  BLUEBERRY LEMON VERBENA PIE a try
also we worked on an other little piece:
a little dancing bowl
it even has a nice ring to it
and the loveliest hammered finish


my little sister E asked me to put up a post for her
(she´s probably overestimating my readership though...)
she´s very ambitious
so she doesn´t only want to study fine art
but also dancing at the same time
in Köln/Cologne that is
and now she´s looking for an apartment there - this is were you come in
does anybody know about something there?
she´s quite nice and fun
and even though she dances like a baby
she doesn´t need diapers any more and eats solid foods (well, mostly)
and i´m pretty sure she´s going to paint you
in oils
and be thankful eternally
have a nice weekend everybody


phlox season
(tiny bouquet #13)
being little this meant holidays spent at my grandmothers house
such a special scent
now at my bedside table (if i can stand its intensity...)
also dried lavender
the first thing i picked from her garden
right after moving in
to cover the harsh IKEA smell in the bedroom
when i asked her if i can cut a few last sprigs
she said i could have everything around here
stressing every single word
made me almost a bit uneasy
maybe she knew
wanted to make caramel candy
followed the instructions but this time it just didn´t set
(this was my first encounter with evaporated milk - crazy stuff - what do you actually do with it?!)
but i´m going to use it for cake fillings, maybe with apricots, blue berries, apples...
and licking it from a spoon once in a while of course
christmas in merry progress

my postcards on one of my favorite blogs: SEND MORE MAIL

also: i want to live in ENSUITE
and spend some time with the two shy girls of BORNAY


those little kittens are pretty wild
almost killed a geranium mother plant - turned it into a dozen cuttings
the pink ones are their favorite - picking a few flowers every day...
they are living in my great-grandfathers shed
built for storing tools with a little porch to sit, smoke a cigar and read
in, well, very special work clothes
i don´t know where to start with this outfit
the hat (i think he turned old hats of great-grandmother into his "creations" - you would probably call it DIY now)
the jacket, the knickerbockers, the alpine boots
the shed still has a cat flap he made for all his little ones
his black cat looked almost like mine
E sent me a video to tease me - SHE´S MAKING JEWELLERY NOW
yes, i do 


some bits of beautiful LIBERTY fabric found at LA DROGUERIE in Paris
sweater and pants from COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS
(worn with the "former room mate-partner look-COS addiction-scarf")
it was Es birthday when i sat on a train to Paris
so i didn´t get to do a birthday post for her
she wanted some fall coloured flowers
all the best, dancing girl
dear RITVA gave me a LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD a few weeks ago
(thank you, my dear!)
and now i finally want to pass it on
(it´s meant to increase the amount of readers of smaller blogs,
so please don´t be cross in case you already are quite huge...)
actually i love a lot of blogs - i´m reading more than 300
these five are almost a bit random
so i think i´m going to spread a bit more link love in the future


some pictures i took in Paris 
using my old little digital camera
as you can see i spent most of the time eating pastries
Rose Bakery was my favorite - the green tea cake with raspberries was beyond amazing
(although i didn´t react so good to all those eggs it was totaly worth it)
i went to their smaller store and fell in love with its industrial furnishings and most kind and funny shop girls
i used the Paris guide from THIS IS NAIVE
(but i didn´t buy anything from Repetto and those kitchen stores...)
and i was very thankful for all of your tipps - although i didn´t have the time to check them all out
staying in a very not pretty Etap hotel for the last two days
i really saw the beautiful and the ugly of this crowded city, delightful and a bit repelling
almost frightening
my little Laduree bag looked quite misplaced there
but that special Paris light is bewitching everywhere you go
now i´m a bit broke 
(it was sale season after all and i could not resist some pretty things...)
eating plain noodles with pepper + salt now, watching a breadstick VIDEO


back from Paris
just a quick post for a HUGE thank you
for making this happen and taking me along to Dana of TANNHAUSER
(here she is on HAUPTSTADTMUTTI)
coming up to her back in May was probably one of my smartest moves so far
i was delighted to meet her - and the CROSS STITCH BUNCH - again at PLAYTIME
as soon as i´ll catch up with work
i´ll put up more Paris things here
until then - find me on the KID´S WEAR BLOG sniffing at supermans muscles
and Dana and John conquering the world with a rocket + castle
and the wild guys on PAUL & PAULA
lookbook picture by FLANNERY O´KAFKA 


this is my favorite TINY BOUQUET #11 ROADSIDE so far
very nice ruderal plants along the industrial area streets indeed
since we talked about showing your face a lot
here´s an other bit of mine
hiding behind a curtain
to not disturb mama cat and two kittens feeding on the patio
it looks like i got adopted by those tiny stray guys
they are super shy and wont come near me
but they like my food and act like my patio is theirs now
hissing like crazy when i want to come out too
a new favorite cookbook
do you like it too?



and here they are
thank you for your warm welcome
(and your food suggestions - i´ll everything)
since i spent so much time with them lately i gave them names:
KNIGHTLY PONY (he´s my favorite, looking like dressed up in those mediaeval horsecoats but being very friendly)
maybe maybe maybe i´m going to Paris next weekend
do i have any Parisian readers with suggestions what to do there
when i sneak away a bit from the fair
this trip would be so last notice i don´t have time to do a lot of research