tonight i dreamed i met a guy working as a knight on horseback
at a kind of reenactment amusement park
but he also worked as an English and maths teacher
since he needed some structure
we were married within three weeks
and lived in a weirdly awesome bungalow
when i looked out of the window this morning
everything was green instead of white
and so warm i didn´t need a jacket
so i set to the first bit of spring garden cleaning
everything seems so be ready to start a new year
so many promising dark red buds
on the tree paeonies planted last year
and the sedums and tulips look like they just can´t wait
best find - a hidden helleborus in bloom
(and there IS going to be a whole bed filled with those for sure)
the crazy thing is
this garden doesn´t seem to have any weeds
besides wood avens, rosa rugosa, sunchoke and grass
(two of them self-inflicted by grandmothers friend)
last night when i was pondering on how a meadow
needing to be tended to by a sickle
was clearly not an option for me and my back
i thought about turning it into a huge thyme spread instead
the flat and tiny kind
well, we´ll see about that...
BLAU is the new magazine by ZIERRAT UND GOLD
a hoop earring - custom made of gold
a BEEKEEPERS QUILT made of my grandmothers left over yarn
made while watching HOMELAND
has to wait
since my hands and arms are too sore
due to too much time spent on the computer
(but my physiotherapist admired my arm muscles - made by filing)


rather quiet around here
lots of reading and planing
and starting to work on new things
walking through so much snow for hours a day
somehow made my whole body sore
wasn´t that successful at pilates afterwards
no powerhouse
W is listening to THE JAZZ AGE
(ALMA likes it too)
it was a surprise for all his help
he adores Brian Ferry and plays the trumpet in some Dixieland-Jazz Bands
no he can´t get over the harmonies
i bet he´s trying to play them while listening to the record right now
had to cut my geraniums and made lots of tiny new plants
the only kind of recreation going on here :)
now i reached my goal of 30 bouquets before my 30th birthday
(this must be the only project ever i finished 5 months too early...)
well, it was so much fun
i keep on doing them
do you mind?
a nice GIRL gave me some delicates blog snow


sister K said my last post was "particularly uninteresting"
but that´s how it is
in case you´re still looking for a tear off calendar
POLADARIUM is quite pretty
and i´m very happy two of my pictures are included
took them in photography class at art school
the new edition of REMEDY QUARTERLY is about COMFORT
and there´s a little story in it about the last thing
my grandmother baked before she passed away
her little red handwritten cookbook is a real treasure
(TI got some amazing handwritten heirlooms for Christmas, too)
in case someone is wondering
on what i´m going to spend the money
earned with the next two sold FESTIVE PENDANTS:
THIS ROSE and THIS ONE and maybe THIS ONE, too
made me think of the textile workshops at artschool
never dared to work there
now i want to pack my bags and move in with LIBERTY
have you seen their new TANA LAWN COLLECTION?!
seriously - hire me
(via TRUE UP
 filled those SNOWBALL COOKIES with marzipan
left over from Christmas
froze some
now i can bake me some fresh cookies every other day
the columbine seeds arrived in pretty little paper envelopes
it´s Winter now, but Summer soon
last years berries, this years hazel and willow
does this mean girl cat wants her nails painted, too?


just filled the flat with acid smoke
since i forgot about a bit of fruit punch on the stove
while giving little cat girl a belly rub
(pictures of her and me taken by sister E)
thank you for your kind and uplifting comments on the last post
the dark thoughts are gone
but i thought i is okay to talk about the not so pretty things once in a while
right now i´m in a kind of new year mood
planing and getting things done
like ordering eight kinds of columbine seeds for the garden
and getting a new hair cut at one of those cheap places
with a MTV show about how to score a date playing in the background
(apparently dressing and dancing like the hookers living down the street
back in Stuttgart helps a lot - thank good i´m no confused teenager any more)
 looks good though
the cheaper the hair cut the more i tip
forcing fritillaria bulbs - those really take their time
well, of course we work on "real" stuff, too...
not all the time is spent arranging pink pepper
we keep the FESTIVE PENDANTS in the shop
and as long as Winter lasts also SNOW CARDS and POSTCARDS
this is really stunning: TOMORROW IS AN OTHER DAY (via DESIGN FOR MANKIND)
can´t think of something more appropriate "hospital art"