anniversary - shop opening - giveaway

it´s wsake´s one year anniversary today
and there´s something new about wsake too
A and W were quite busy lately and worked on a little jewellery collection
the first items are now in our new online shop
here a bit about who we are and how we work:
W is a silver smith and A a graphic designer (but always liked to work in W´s workshop) - it´s a father-daughter-collaboration
now we developed a few things together
they are all handmade and each item is unique
we would be very happy if you´d like to stop by at our little shop and have a look
we´re presenting every piece here this week, too
to celebrate the anniversary and the shop opening we decided to have a little giveaway
it´s a little heart necklace made of 925 silver - the pendant is about 1,5 cm wide and the necklace 50 cm long
to win - just leave a comment until wednesday 18th