it looks like i´m very good at channeling a saint
not interested in that career though
being one involves lots of pain and making miracles happen
turned some casualties caused by severe cutting back
into a divine smelling wreath
if someone would be interested in making me fall in love with him
it might help a great deal if he wore the scent of santoline, artemisia and basil
get´s me every time...
my hydrangeas are still battling with the ground
small flower heads but they do look quite optimistic to me
and i´m very smitten with those tiny explosive looking ALLIUMS
(quite a match in that vase looking like a grenade somehow)
they come in lots of colours and i´m going to order ALL of them this fall
for a ginger cat owner
and a custom made silver plated HAIR COMB
it turned out so nice we decided to offer tis option too
and a very old plum tree breaking down bearing too much fruit
and YES, E would very much like to sell her paintings
do get in touch with her any time
a for no reason my favorite part of Breakfast at Tiffany´s:
"The sky was red Friday night, it thundered, and Saturday, departing day, 
the city swayed in a squall-like downpour. 
Sharks might have swum through the air, 
tough it seemed improbable a plane could penetrate it."
you just have to love Truman Capote


last week i visited E in Leizig
didn´t take any pictures outside her flat
but it was spectacular enough
it´s such a different city compared to our clean small Bavarian town
i quite enjoyed riding my bike there
taking in new sights and smells
also visiting art school without being a student anymore
is a really relaxed thing
(we were quite the attraction - apparently we look very much alike)
unfortunately all my little souvenirs from the Zeughaus broke
on the way back home


thank you so much for stopping by on Saturday
we had a wonderful afternoon
actually after such good weather we didn´t mind the rain in the end
since some of you asked for the recipes
i made a lemon-thyme-cake from Nigel Slater´s Kitchen Diaries II
(it´s the second recipe, but the first one sounds like a stunner too - french version HERE
and a nectarine-honey-sirup based loosely on this RECIPE
E did not only brilliantly finish her studies
she also just had her 25th birthday - just like the ICE CREAM we´re so fond of
so we made her a popsicle stick necklace
i´m pretty fond of my own TROPICAL MOON NECKLACE right now
it´s so perfect for summer outfits
does anyone know where i can get those SILVER ARIZONA BIRKENSTOCK in Germany?
i like shoes that match our profession...
every now and then my tall spruce trees get visited by three shrieking hawks
spitting cast all over the place
but i do like their sounds


our small TROPICAL COLLECTION is now ready
bold brass elements for EAR STUDS and NECKLACES
a collection of amazing FANCY STONE RINGS
(you can choose one and get the ring custom made in rose or yellow gold)
and a new collaboration with OTCHIPOTCHI - the PLANT HANGER
also: new pieces are added now to the SAMPLE SALE
and we´ve made lot of new GLASS BEAD NECKLACES
and don´t forget:

do come to our SUMMER FAIR tomorrow, Saturday, 3 - 8pm
Am Gries 35, Stadtamhof, Regensburg

no matter what kind of weather we´re having
(the weather report offers four options so far: sun, clouds, rain, thunderstorm)
we already built a tent
and are busy baking up a storm now
a GOLDEN TOP RING for Studio Oink´s LEA


a post for E
who is - together with her boyfriend - presenting her Fine Arts Diplom this minute
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig
you go, girl!!!
S will present her with a tiny antique Diplom box afterwards
(found at the flea market a few weeks ago)
filled with even tinier sweets
and since W and me can´t be there
this is our way to congratulate them both
with a candy coloured bouquet of geranium flowers
the cat says hi too - i guess
some goodies from the STUDIO MEEZ plant swap arrived in the mail
finally managed to take some pictures of Alex´s wonderful PLANTERS