actually i´m a graphic designer you know 
so i put a few more of this kind of projects on my website 
including my thesis 
BENVENU - Abhandlungen ueber die Goldschmiedekunst und Sculptur
a new edition of the first handbook for goldsmithing
by the famous Renaissance man CELLINI
including posters and work sampling
i really loved working on this
and dreamt of becoming a book designer
but then i couldn´t let go of jewellery design
now i wish i could do both

BENVENU - posters / BENVENU - book 

oh - i still have a few left over silkscreen printed ACANTHUS, KRANE, 3D
and V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (with a layer of fancy golden rub-off ink) posters
and SILVER PITCHER post cards
in case anyone wants to decorate their home 
here you can see:
DRIVING (i left out the wavy looking step - it seamed to disturbe people not familiar with this technique)
RENAISSANCE SILVER PITCHER (since those are mostly fused-in, i rebuild one with silver necklaces instead)
NIELLO (Cellinis poem about the beauty of Tuscany written in wire, quite too much unruly to actually use it for Niello though)
and the master himself
you´ll find work on alchemy, fusing, secret alphabets, enamel,
casting stones (and how to find them in a kranes stomach), casting huge sculptures (and enjoying a little salad after the devilish work is done)
and a lot of violence and murder
 in the book

i could get on and on
as is said - i LOVED it 

there`s a portrait series of at least 40 different hammers in the book
even though everone told me this is boring and way too much
but it isn´t!
those silver and goldsmith were forging all their life
their apprentices taking care of the hammers all day long, keeping them in shipshape
and those tools are so beautiful

ok - i stop now