a week ago i was at my darling friends wedding
taking place at our city´s dark wood panelled registry office
it was a short and lovely affair, very official but light hearted and intimate
and i wish both of them (actually three - including their tiny baby boy) all the best
she wore one of our CHANGE NECKLACES with her stunning Vivienne Westwood dress
which made me very proud
and i forgot to put on my new shoes in the last minute
something i had been waiting for since i got them weeks and weeks ago...
that´s why i´m posting pictures of what my outfit should have looked like
(isn´t that PALOMA WOOL COAT DRESS amazing?!)
made her a bouquet with flowers from the garden
not the official one of course - i can´t be trusted with things like that right now
forgot it was father´s day so i gave him some wild garlic scones inspired STEPHANINI
my mom got camomille short bread, store bought macaroons 
(the first turned out utterly bitter and the second gave us food poisoning)
and a vintage candy dish i conveniently found at the flea market the day before
next week i will check into a hospital for a lot of diagnostical checks
including a spinal tap, CT scan and other stuff
and i´m utterly, utterly scared


here are a few thank-you-flowers
for your kind words and messages
and your patience when it comes to orders
it´s still only W who´s working and it isn´t easy since we do different things in the workshop
and now i have to sometimes show him how to do my tasks (instead of the other way round)
this year we had planned for him to teach me everything i didn´t know so far ( so he could retire at some point)
but none of this is happening right now
so we´ve slowed waaaaaay down
i´m still waiting, which can be very tiresome and frustrating
and i´m always so glad when a day ends on a not so bad note
still my pain hasn´t got a definite name
but quite an array of impressive possible diagnoses
it´s all so vague and keeps getting vaguer with every specialist
hopes getting shattered, good spirits crushed
and i try to choose getting better so hard
but willing to heal my body doesn´t seem to be enough most days
since i´m not so tired anymore right now
i walk a lot - by now i have found five secret paths in my neighbourhood
in case someone should be watching me, they´d probably think i´m insane
since i´m telling the collared doves i meet how cute they are,
take a close look at all the the inscriptions in the grave yard (probably not a mood booster)
and try to work out ways how to "save" those parrot tulips from an abandoned construction site
(i think i´ll do it someday midmorning when everyone is at work and there won´t be any witnesses)