the sun comes out still ever so bright and warm
but it´s fall now for sure
i´m getting a few things ready for next year
heirloom tomatoe seeds from this years plants
the only vegetables that turned out great so far
there will be no pumpkin or squash again i think
although this little striped one is pretty cute - but the harvest consisted of only five of those
the first shipment of bulbs from the Netherlands
hopefully they like it here in my garden
this is something to look forward all winter
there are lots of things planed for the garden for those years to come
a bed of limelight and pink wood hydrangeas already planted
i probably have to nominate my grandmothers friend chief gardener
since he has the patience and - hopefully - time
to tend to all those elaborate things
the FLORAL POSTCARDS can now be found in the lovely shop BABONGO
full to the brim of ecofriendly things