when W asked me what i would be doing this weekend
and i told him i was planing on knitting a little suit for the cat
he didn´t think i was joking 
this is worrying
later on i told my sister about my growing cacti collection
she said "cats and cacti - this is bad"
to make it even worse i got this old ribbon
and took a picture of swans
it seems like i´m turning into a cliche single lady of a certain age
how odd that i´m actually working on something about that topic
but i guess brooding for weeks over the rentability and affordability of some projects
and trying to get some prototyps just right
seems to intensify my habits
when i´m not using the hammer my life is rather quiet
and if i do so i put on ear muffs
there are so many boxtrees in this garden it sometimes makes me want to pull them all out
maybe doing THIS with them - BORNAY again, they do the most amazing things with plants
also those pears are dropping like fruitshaped bombs in the flower bed
so i had to move some damaged plants somewhere else
the fog takes off most days
letting us enjoy a razor blue sky
so i´m okay with fall now
ordering rugs from MLN also helps
they make the coolest textiles ever
i like the clean shapes, designs and colours so very much
makes me wonder if i actually should have switched the textile design at art school