todays fleamarket finds:
this just has to be the best VW giveaway ever - all the classics are on board!
got a little flap frame too and put a couple of crazy first-day-of-school pictures of A,K and E in
my physical therapist said my "vitality level" is quite low and i could maybe enhance it by not eating so many things containing gluten (again!) - tried noodles made of sweet potatoes and buck wheat with my special peanut butter pesto yesterday...they turned out a little gluey...
this evening: buck wheat pancakes with strawberries or with herbs and cheese
gluten free living doesn´t sound so bad after all, does it?


hm, i think there`s something missing on this pillow case - not so sure how to proceed...
yellow flowers on my dress
another birthdaygift - watercoloured by E (or shouldn`t i mention this because of your reputation?)
Ss scarf - i really miss living in a city with a COS store around, wasn´t in one in almost a year...

remember this postcard?
to celebrate the end of this project, jill is organizing a huge postcard swap - everyone can take part!
read all about it RIGHT HERE
(K&E - i already enrolled you...)


very beneficial blurry picture of me and my new dress...
and dry twigs - my new medium


had a disturbing experience concerning cross stitch pattern (didn´t know that such a thing was even possible...), i got a quite unusual looking stitching journal at the flea market and when i took a closer look at it at home i was really shocked. approximately 1933-45, Germany, how to stitch certain symbols in a neat Germanic manner...yeah, right...
it never made it into the house and i even had to wash my hands. now what shall i do with it? destroy it? keep it as memento of how even handicraft can become evil? or shall i get very conceptional arty and stitch a German unjust state pillow case using this collection of patterns and stitching twine produced in the former DDR? any suggestions? i surely wont give it away - it could get in the wrong hands...
anything else? flowers!


won an ebay bid on peach coloured fire king bowls - now it´s time for you to leave a "totally my style" - comment, K!
one of the first peonies from our back yard
abstract stitching using some of my old scetches


borrowed a ribbon catalouge yesterday and fell hard for it - i wish there were libraries full of books like that
already got a sunbathing ribbon hat for my birthday, but still theres no sun around
working with brass again


a few things from As birthday
diamond shaped ring
Es dress - the fabric was probably designed and made in the former DDR
don`t miss the little elk trying to climb up a candle...


that`s how you look working with iron - quite sparkly
Es painting of A, sleeping into her 27th birthday
stout cupcakes for Teresas birthday - before the bike ride


those tropical flowers of my unknown geranium really are the best
that little fussy brown thing down on the left side is the last of five blackbirds who finally managed to leave the nest in our front garden
made these - i ate a lot of nutella on my rice-crackers in the morning when i was supposedly allergic to gluten since it`s guaranteed gluten free - long ago...
these cookies are just delicious...


my nailpolish recommendation for Eva: chinchilly by essie
this time the little balls turned out just perfect
what do we think about these shoes?
flowers for tomorrow - they said it´s kind of a star of Bethlehem/milchstern


more feathers
do not cry about the summer house and the fence, E&K, it´s all gonna be good and pretty again!


it´s raining now...
we made tomato walnut pesto with three different kinds of tomatos: fresh and dried ones and tomato puree - it´s almost perfect now (i think you should "rethink" your tomato allergy, K)
working with rusty chains and feathers lately


more spring pictures for K - i know how much she likes them!
the humming in the trees is very quiet, i´m affraid a lot of bees died in our area, mostly there are just bumlebees
luckily for me S often buys things which don´t fit her, like blue dresses with fabric flowers
got a new haircut and a new nose (just kidding - about the nose)