to a new and very happy year!
i made my annual account
and it was almost as awful as i thought it would turn out
but your orders (especially around Christmas time) 
put a silver lining to an otherwise disastrous calculation
but i guess this is what working freelance is about
you have to wait if it takes off or stop it
not stopping yet
maybe the new year gets better
found a sleepy lady bug in the TINY BOUQUET #28 NEW YEARS EVE
this certainly means best of luck
the flowery wall painting is the only pretty thing
in this suburb i live in
and it fades away more each time i walk by
a little package from TI made me very happy
next to a wonderful smelling tiny wreath 
there is a small vintage stamp saying "gold"
it´s so lovely - thank you so so much!
BUCKWHEAT BUTTER COOKIES with white chocolate
i´m so lucky to have met all those lovely and kind people
with a little help of this blog in 2012
so this makes up for a financially bumpy road

thank you for all your support
you are the best!