just a quick thank you all for coming last night
we had such an amazing time meeting everybody

and enjoying some great music


we took our picture right before everything started

to kill the little time left

and this is how the TAKE A PICTURE pendants work


more pictures of our exhibiton coming soon


we´re setting up the exhibiton this weekend
the door of the chapel is quite impressive


before this i took a few pictures of some of the things
bracelets made of saw blades
a ring ringing with every move you make

but sweeter than a little bell

maybe i call it "It´s me!"


and i finally made an
(i added quite a bit of chopped up chocolate like in
or like in this
when i woke up the next morning it was gone...


we´re keeping the HELP JAPAN NECKLACE in the SHOP
collected quite different donations for our little exhibiton
apple seeds
and little whisps of hair
going to show you soon what i turned it into
thank you, apple eaters and hair cutters!
have a sunny weekend everyone!
dreaming of this CAKE and these BOOKS


A + E want to invite you to our first little exhibition
opening next week, Tuesday 29.3. - 19.30
at the Sigismund Kapelle - Thon-Dittmer-Palais, Haidplatz 8, Regensburg
there´s going to be a bit of music by Duo Makowski & Lovelord
we´re showing jewellery by A and paintings by E
and we would be so happy to see you there!
thanks to you we´ve now collected over 1000 Euros of donations


again - you are amazing!
by now we´ve raised 900 Euros of donations
the money will be transferred to the Red Cross next week
you can still order the HELP JAPAN NECKLACE


a quick post before tomorrows Day of Silence
thank you so much for your orders of the HELP JAPAN NECKLACE
(and a big thank you to those telling their friends about it,
posting links on their blogs or facebook, etc.)
we´re working on shipping the first ones on Saturday
we would be very happy to sell some more
here are a few other creative ways to help:
more on the little frames some other time


the news keep getting worse and worse
we just couldn´t sit back anymore
knowing nothing can undo these damages
we want at least try to help to ease the pain
by supporting the helpers
a red pendant on a string of white silk
75% of the proceeds go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
through the Japan Red Cross Society
the remaining 25% are solely used
to acquire material to produce the necklaces
we would be so happy if you decide to help
and show how much you care by wearing our necklace


our thoughts and love to everyone in Japan
it is heartbreaking
you go, E
and make the universities of Saxony nuclear power free
a change is gonna come
and it has to start now


a quick update on E:
she´s up and about and probably leaving the hospital today
of course she´s feeling a bit shattered but K is taking care of her
when she comes visiting
i´ll let her wear my bracelet made of apple seeds
to keep the doctor away
one minute before she called from the hospital
i had bought this dress
(and a nailpolish called "Geranium" - great colour)
we have a tiny exhibition coming up
- more on that soon -
and i need a little collection of streaks of hair
for one last necklace
so if you want to donate - please tell me so!
i´d appreciate it a lot
using up the left over red beets for pancakes


dear E,
(you probably can´t read that right now)
we´re so hoping everything is not that bad
and it´s a very mild case of traumatic brain injury
- just like you said -
please please get well soon
and never ride a bike without a helmet again


Amarena cherry chocolate cake
ruffled skirt
posted about this spectacular coloured beet root pasta some time ago
(she added a link to the RECIPE, too)
i just had to try them
while cooking the colour changed to Barbie-pink
and in the end it looked like a salad made with strips of sausage
but it tasted very good with parsley-almond-pesto
coming along with pebble


there is a TINY SALE going on
in the GLASS BEADS section of our shop
to make room for some new things
come on over and have a look!
who knew dried orchids are pretty, too
A & K in the famous photo booth at the Kastanienallee, Berlin
what about this haircut, K?
wanna try it again?


W built me a grown up sized bead weaving frame
for a special project
(and many more to come, hopefully)
we started working together quite some time ago
here i´m making my very own sandbox
at a very young age