are you jealous now, K?


used my last polaroid to take a picture of our cherry tree
somehow all of my assignments turn into a family affair...


wooden clogs with little heels - hope i don´t break my legs
there´s a fashion story about Rose Bakery in the current issue of Brigitte - almost as beautiful as THEIR COOKBOOK
wrapping up my portfolios - if you´re interested, please let me know!
loving my flower-shirt


we were very successful at the flea market last weekend
these are just e few pieces we found...
i´m especially fond of the crazy flower pot


E´s drawing of A, sleeping in her yellow trousers
Eva recommended THESE - they didn´t keep their shape at all - but were delicious anyway
"Schrankverkauf" last saturday
spring in our backyard


don`t forget:
this Saturday - "Schrankverkauf"!
we`re showing some new dresses and brandnew necklaces (actually some of them got finished just yesterday)
in the 2nd picture you can see the things A worked on the last weeks - geometric shapes and soft-changing shades, made of silver and partially silver plated brass


blooming little geranium
eco-friendly neon-yellow paper
made these - again - and they did not crumble, Katrin!
wild garlic crop from our garden


for those in the Regensburg - area...
some of As necklaces and Es dresses are shown there...
we are very exited to see the work of the other designers!
more information RIGHT HERE


Eva brought back a jamie magazin from her recent trip - can´t decide what to try first, but i´m very drawn to the lemon recipies
found a Sonia Rykiel-belt on ebay
this little brass-face was found in our compost - we really don´t know what timeperiod it´s from, looks like it was affixed to something made of leather
envelopes made of recycled maps


hope you all had a very happy easter!
and again:


saltsprinkled brown sugar sandwich cookies - always a special treat
almost forgot about the "metal" purse i thrifted in summer but i took i out last weekend
some things i´m working on