the development of our prototypes is a little bit frustrationg right now
so i made you something simple and sweet for Valentines day
and the SHOP is full of cute little somethings
for your loved ones
tried to brighten up those dreary days with lots of ranunculus
and a green variety of mimosa
pink scarfs and a metallic zebra patterned jacket also help a bit
(my sisters detest the latter)
i give you my heart
take it!

mittens knitted based on this PATTERN
do you also have the craziest dreams right now?
dreamt of a color changing kitten
and me singing in my drummer boyfriend´s punk band
which is insane since i really can´t sing (does that matter in a punk band though?!)
and i still have to find that drummer


thank you so much for your well wishes
i decided it´s time to feel better now
my stomach isn´t totally convinced about that
but we´re working on it
i´ve realized that the BRANCH TEA WARMER goes quite well with the ARABIA RUSKA dishes
you can still find it a lot on flea markets and ebay
but try to not touch it with cutlery it does make a hellish sound
finally gave Paula´s WHITE WINE AND FENNEL SEED BISQUITS a try
to me they are heavenly - white wine, olive oil, fennel - quite hard and crumbly
slowly returnung to the workshop
working on some prototypes
and a custom made silver FOX
i want to add one more thing since i got a few angry mails:
we had to raise our prices at the beginning of 2014
we didn´t do this trying to earn more money
but simply because thanks to you we´ve grown a bit and of now we have to pay VAT
and since we don´t work with a lot of profit margins
there was no other way than to add this percentage to the existing prices
we hope you´ll understand
the prices will not increase any further
a sweet post about WSAKE on SFGIRLBYBAY


after those busy months
time is slowing down in the workshop
last year ended on such a happy note
this one started a bit painful - for me
a full blown return of the back pain
(there´s soon an end to that since my magician physiotherapist returned from his holiday)
in combination with an unsettling stomach ache
hopefully someone finds out soon where it´s coming from 
and what can be done about it
this kind of sucks the energy right out of me
and all i want to do is come up with ideas and plans
since i really like the fresh feeling of a brand new year
since a lot of you enjoyed E´s performance
i will ask her to do one every time she comes visiting
right now she´s a bit stressed out writing and painting her thesis
but it´s going to be all right
she´s not only a fun performer but also an excellent writer
her first publication being on the beauty of smallness
she forgot the very small elephant i made her for Christmas
to a - from now on - better new year
an interesting  BASIL CAKE
super constructed jewellery by UNCOMMON MATTERS
knitted these MITTENS from WIKSTEN already twice
love the pattern and the colours of this SCARF
(in case someone from Germany is about to place a TOAST order please let me know)