Ganz herzlich möchten wir Euch zu unserer Sommerausstellung einladen!

Samstag, 16.7.
13 - 19 Uhr
WSAKE Showroom
Am Gries 35 - 93059 Regensburg, Stadtamhof

Über Euren Besuch würden wir uns sehr freuen - wir stellen schon mal den Cremant kalt!

Zu sehen gibt es lauter bunte Steinchen und Waldi hat wieder viel Ebenholz geschnitzt. Und wer nicht kommen kann, kann sich natürlich alles gerne ganz bequem im ONLINE SHOP ansehen, oder gleich hier:









Thanks to our customers - and thanks to our lovely client Amelie whose idea got us started in the first place - we were able to donate 566,50€ from our sales of the PEACE PENDANTS and PINS to "Aktion Deutschland hilft". We greatly appreciate your support! / The only actual PAIR OF EAR RINGS we have made of deadstock vintage rhinestones and ebony worn by a LITTLE GUY who is also an ear ring, next to a LACE COMB to wear your hair up in style.






Schaut noch bis zum 20.7. beim ZENTRUM FÜR KURZE KUNST neben der Bäckerei Teufel in der Ostengasse vorbei - da gibt es meine Ausstellung CALM IS KILLER zu sehen und teuflische Quarkbällchen. Und besucht doch auch meine Freunde vom PARKHAUS E.V., oder macht einfach gleich selbst mit! / How about this very funky NECKLACE - a lot of vintage fake pearls and eight bits of ebony hand carved by Waldi. / QUARKBÄLLCHENKRONE - works for royal-ish humans too.




A hand carved vintage ebony heart on a string of FAKE PEARLS. / The last of the LOOKING GUY COMBS, a SQUARE and A DROP RING and a WAVY BARRETTE. / A GROWING CONCERN: Nigel Slaters garden. / POLLINATOR PATHMAKER: “Every garden planted – from back yard to windowsill to museum grounds – is a living artwork, designed and tended with empathy for the tastes of pollinators, not ours.” / "Your friends seem to fall into two clear camps around wanting to have children: “yes” (happy but exhausted, hands always full) and “hell no” (happy but exhausted, hands always full). It feels immature and isolating to be undecided." THE BITING POINT 




An irregular cut dark orange citrin and a lapis lazuli got cast in gold and put on a dainty box chain necklace and now it looks like THIS. / A LITTLE KISSING GUY ear stud, a TAG and BIG BONE BARRETTE and an EXTRA EAR EAR STUD, in case you need one./ "I’m still that person who can’t sit down to work with dishes in the sink, or if everything is filthy and I need to put the washing on. So I do that and I always try to imagine it’s part of the ritual. You’re preparing yourself, doing that bit of nesting." MEG MASON - just started reading "Sorrow and Bliss" and so far I love it. /"I yawn as I mop, letting my jaw click open and the sound of exhaustion escape like a gas. After biting nails and moping, the afternoon is almost over. "IF A HOUSE CAN BE A MOTHER / THE POET WHO THOUGHT ME TO BE IN LOVE WITH THE WORLD




VINTAGE RHINESTONE AND EBONY EAR RINGS, looking good next to the HOUR GLASS ones. / The PURPLE AND ROSE FANCY STONE NECKLACE - an amethyst and light pink coral cast in gold on a delicate silver chain - looking dapper on the TULIP COMB. / A SERIES on how to explore the world through books: "A few years ago, a young Japanese tourist approached me on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. In a shy voice, she asked, “Where are the writers?” I didn’t understand what she meant. “I would like to see the writers,” she added. “In my guidebook it says that Paris is full of them.” Of course, I smiled and explained to her that times had changed and it was rather rare to see famous writers working in cafes. But I wouldn’t have dreamed of making fun of her, because that’s what I came to Paris for too."

A SINGLE PEARL NECKLACE - meaning exactly that: a single pearl surrounded by glass beads, also available in light blue and turquoise. / More ebony hearts, this time they are for your EARS. / A hair thing to ride WAVES with. / Baking Nigellas LONDON CHEESECAKE has turned into a weekly tradition  - I don´t bother with the topping and use a REINDL (instead of a tinfoil wrapped thingy) that I`Il put into yet another water filled REINDL. Works like a charm and is very easy to handle. A very no fuss apricot compote to go with it is my current favorite. / Oder ZITRONE-MANDEL? Wegen Nina schaue ich ja jetzt auch IN THERAPIE. / I very likely already urged you to give these ZUCCINI BUTTER SPAGHETTI ( add a bit of lemon zest in the end!) a try last summer, but I´ll happily do so again this year, since I have got no problem with having a repetitive personality - I mean, I am using designs in this newsletter I created almost a decade ago. I also eat the same breakfast every single day. / Also I just rediscovered this addictive POLPETTE DI RICOTTA recipe from 15 years ago.




VINTAGE RHINESTONE AND EBONY PENDANTS, another LITTLE GUY ear stud, another COMB and another BARRETTE. / WSAKEs E won a "Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung" (BIG YAY!!!) together with ARTMANN&DUVOISIN and ONDINE PANNET for their publication "Umzug in eine vergleichbare Lage" and you can go and have a look at it HERE in case you´re in Berlin, or buy it HERE.