Wir möchten Euch ganz herzlich zu unserem diesjährigen Weihnachtsmarkt einladen! Kommt vorbei und probiert bei einem Glas Glühwein oder Sekt unsere Schmuckstücke an - vielleicht findet sich ja etwas Passendes für die Festtage!

Samstag, 2.12., 13 - 18 Uhr
WSAKE Showroom, Am Gries 35, Stadtamhof - Regensburg

Wir freuen uns auf Euch! Gerne können wir auch unverbindliche Besuchstermine außerhalb dieser Öffnungszeiten vereinbaren - meldet Euch einfach!

The ONLINE SHOP will be open 24/7 of course and there is still plenty of time to get your orders in so they arrive in time for Christmas - for custom orders or shipping overseas please check in with us before placing your order, so we can find out if everything will work out in time for the holidays.

Above: A starry sky lit up by SMALL and BIG SILVER STAR NECKLACES.




Sweet little somethings to wear around your neck - gifts for a loved one, bestie or yourself: A FOREVER NECKLACE (in case you are looking for something afordable - these are the way to go, plus there are a few options to choose from) + a very tiny CORAL HEART on a whisper thin gold plated necklace + a snowy white silver FLOWER. / Who else is thinking about getting someone (including themselves) that slightly spooky KIT-CAT CLOCK from BIG SALAD´S GIFT GUIDE?




Brass STARS and MOONS for your ears - the ones to wear around your neck are only available on request (so please request ahead), but you can also find them combined on a NECKLACE or BRACELET. And for those who don´t feel so golden - go with the SILVER STARS instead. / Do look out for the most ridicolous Christmas CANDY at your local supermarket. / In case that candy is too basic for you: go with a homemade STICKY TRIPLE-GINGER CAKE "with a wedge of mature Cheddar cheese" instead. / Since a friend gave me one of Nigellas books for Christmas quite some years ago, she´s forever linked to that holiday for me - I´d go with MINI PAVS topped with pomegranate and the insanity that is LOKSHEN PUDDING to soak up the POINSETTIA - you´ll need it.




My favorite heart of them all: sparkling vintage RHINESTONES and brass - here´s a PAPARAZZI SHOT of them out in the wild. / THE HAPPY READER - one of my favorite newsletters. I got hooked on a lot of books (it´s how my John Le Carre reading spree started two summers ago - can´t wait to watche THE PIGEON TUNNEL) through this one, which probably is a sign for advertising done just right. / "If the choice is, like, be the greatest writer of my generation or be fun at weddings, I want to be fun at weddings." CAROLINE O´DONOGHUE / "They’d made a 5 p.m. reservation, embarrassing, but they would have gone earlier if it were possible." A short story by Emma Cline with the most horrible PLOT TWIST and most accuratly described food stress.




A brass Christmas tree to-go: TREE KEY NECKLACE + some adornments for the tree that is you: ZIGGY EAR STUDS (in ACTION - worn by the lovely BARBARA this summer) / After visiting our Weihnachtsmarkt do go check out ORDERLY QUEUE OF ONE at KAUFLADEN FÜR ERWACHSENE - you might not regret it. / I will now leave you with LAST CHRISTMAS/ANGEL OF DEATH - be warned: you might be stuck with this forever!