Happy New Years Eve!
i don´t have any resolutions for next year
but i hope it´s going to be a good one for everybody
while listening to CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE


lazy days
hanging around in pyjamas
thinking of making CINNAMON BUNS
cold and snowy
but sunny once in a while


Merry Christmas to you!
found the dress for today...
a few presents for my sisters


the last days...
full of Christmas things


these are probably the last STARS i´m preparing for christmas
or is there anyone in need of some more?
we get out the first pieces of vintage ornaments now
and yes, we love pink ones


i´ve heard mice love chocolate, so i fed her some sprinkles
yesterday i had my forth MRI
this time to check out my intestines
everything´s looking great
but still no clue what´s causing the inflamated vertebras
the girl prepping me was so calm and steady
and really kept me from freaking out because of disgusting contrast medium,
being strapped down on a stretcher,
surrounded by all this life saving but scary medical technology
didn´t even mind to stop breathing when she told me so over the headphones
i hope the universe has some kind of rewarding system for those people
an extra slice of luck or something like that
now i´m concentrating on finding the perfect christmas party dress


little fan snacking on black lentils
we humans turned them into SPICY SQUASH SALAD WITH LENTILS
my new hanging-around-dress
a little mouse - now turned into a necklace
for someone who appreciates them a lot
christmasy silver swarf from filing


today the lovely HOW TO SET A TABLE print arrived
still so so white everywhere around here
hurry up German (and eventually EU) readers
if you want to get your orders in time for christmas
especially the CUSTOM MADE ones


never ending snow
guess i have never seen this much
a bit obsessed with little trees
- adorned with the EMBOSSED HEART NECKLACE
worked on a new packaging idea
now all the tiny necklaces can be used as a special greeting card, too
quite handy for christmas...


apparently i´ve been good this year
St Nicholas brought not only chestnuts to roast every evening...
right now i prefer the brown silk version
although the red one is pretty festive, too


white and quiet everywhere
frost pattern, red trees and berries
oh so busy right now


we have way more snow than in Innsbruck back in those old days...
i have to get out my vintage cutter for serrated picture edges again
(hope M doesn´t mind that i call it MY cutter...)
it´s so white everywhere you have to wear sunglasses
thank you so much for featuring the SILHOUETTE CHARM
it´s such an honour!
(if your thinking about getting one of those for christmas
- hurry up so you get it right in time!


new beads - new love
i really have a thing for those grey ones
packing some things for a job interview
and my sparkling vest
very cosy for these snow storm days