plans for this week:

- snacking on this seasons first cherries

(perfect for overripe berries and do use barley flour - it´s fantastic)

- leaving a comment HERE to probably win a set of POSTCARDS


turned some of my drawings into a set of 4 DOTS POSTCARDS
in pastel colours
if you want to get a set for free
leave a comment here till next Friday
i´ll announce the winner next weekend
have a nice Sunday everybody


strawberry buttermilk in the shadow and sun
now rain
sweets from Ks bear and wolf watching trip to the Carpathians
nicely wrapped in tissues
planing on having a tiny giveaway here this weekend
so come back soon


made elderflower cordial with lemons and oranges this weekend
and filled lots of little bottles
planing on making granita, cake, ice cubes
and many jugs of lemonade this summer


the little talking - and laughing or kissing - NECKLACES are now in the shop
each one is really unique
embossing them as free hand as possible
so you get exactly the one shown in the picture

since their shape simply can´t be reproduced a second time
you can get them custom made, too
and the vintage industrial twine is one of my favorite materials
no dye or colour, a beautiful light brown


an illustration i made for 0941 last year
you can find some SHIRTS with my prints on them
in their new ONLINE SHOP
hope your Sunday is as sunny as mine
planing on eating strawberries and reading all afternoon


vintage postcards and tomato plant from my friends
very nice friends indeed
will put the first pendants in the shop next week
i´m currently looking for an apartment in Regensburg
two rooms in the Altstadt or Stadtamhof
if you´ve heard of anything - please let me know
thank you so much!
have a nice Friday - i´m off to work now


it´s not only wedding and strawberry season - it´s funfair time, too
(here in Bavaria that means wearing your traditional costume - well, not me, i don´t own one)
and the PRETZEL NECKLACE (there´s a GOLDEN ONE, too) would be perfect to go with it
quite a fan of the shadow play
working on some more of the talkative pendants


a tiny silver box made by W for a box contest
things i got for my birthday:
peonies - in all colours available i think
a lovely flower scarf
a chocolate cake with heart shaped smarties - very appropriate for turning 28


made tiny ham tarts for Teresas birthday party yesterday
it rained - just like last year
the smallest flowers on my own birthday table today
from our rockery
it´s still raining...


wedding season is in full swing around here
so i´d like to call these LOVE NECKLACES
in case someone recognizes those two
they´re not actually getting married
and she doesn´t have a ponytail - i think she might prefer to shave her head instead
and it´s strawberry season, too
they are amazing with CINNAMON QUINOA


just put a gold plated version of the BURST NECKLACE up in the shop
this is the 300th post on this blog


the first strawberries of the season
no, actually the second - already had them dipped in dark chocolate
the discussion was really good
but still i don´t like the BOOK
next up is Howards End
my first copy got washed away by the North Sea
dear Eva took it to the beach and the tide came quicker than expected
a rather romantic death for a book
since there are 8 weeks till the next meeting igot a lot of preparation time
planing on reading it in English and German
watching the MOVIE
and maybe starting A Room With A View again
(currently i just got a very poor German translation which is not worth reading)
oh, and i´d love to wear this ANNA ALLEN DRESS while doing so


my new pair of JEANS kept me from more severe abrasion
when two dogs out of nowhere jumped into the front wheel of my bike
i literally had no chance
bruised knees and ribs
so you dog owners who don´t keep their dogs on a leash in public places
this is NOT fun
those puppies do not "just want to play" - they cause real damage
very unnecessary and easily avertable
started off with a bit of decorative water colouring
new pendants in the making
they say "hi"
a quite polite piece of jewellery, isn´t it?


goes very well with the CHUNKY BRACELET, of course
but looks pretty awesome on its own, too
next to working on the computer
i´m planing on doing a bit of painting this weekend
haven´t done any since i left art school
actually not since the first year of art school
some how while studying i kind of lost it
which is weird - trying so hard to be creative
made me the opposite


temperature dropped enormously
on the weekend i got sore muscles from sitting in the sun
(things like that happen to me, i´m kind of special...)
now it´s back to gloves and bonnets
the last bunch of HEART NECKLACES
with greeting card packaging for Mother´s Day

are available at Schwesternliebe and Schau Hi


i´m planning on joining an English reading book club
to spruce up my English talking skills
first up: The other hand/Little Bee
well, i did not like that one
it´s hard to explain
i certainly felt the "fearsome grip"
but also it felt to me like human pain was exploited to create "a feat of literary engineering"
and why is it advertised like that?
"We don´t want to tell you what happens in this book."
to get readers to buy it who usually don´t read books on this uncomfortable matter
so they would try to make some change by feeling ashamed of their not knowing
somehow i missed at least a little glimpse of what we could do to make a bit of a difference
but very likely in reality we can´t
just change our minds
have you read it too?
maybe i get new insights from your thoughts on it and the book club meeting