these dog roses look like made of porcelain and smell like soaked in some elegant cocktail
working on one of my first jewellery assignments
embossing tools


a bit of green today
W picks up buckets full of little apples every day
my South African beauty started to bloom right in time for the World Cup
hydrangea in the making
lady`s mantle and a little guy sitting on his own vase - one of the things i got on my successfull flea market weekend


E doing a bit of plein air last weekend
the smell of basswood makes you think it´s summer and even the nights are warm
but that´s not true at all - i`m still sleeping with my hot-water bottle


an other bit of fabric - a scarf i´m very in love with, got it at the Blickfang fair in Stuttgart a few years ago - it´s from Hosse, Switzerland
it´s raining almost every day here
so many of Ss roses are rotten on the inside before they blossom out


look at that! K sent off a postcard with a reindeer and got one with a fawn (isn´t it the best?!)- i think they should become pen pals!
at the bottom you can see an amazing drawing of several sea creatures - the card even said hello in german!
thank you so much Maribeth and Kristen!!!
we love those cards!


the most beautiful postcard from the "today i saw" swap just arrived - you just wait and see!
(in the meantime i try to take a decent picture of it...)
made these with a maple flavoured mint yogurt
and a bit of fabric - i think you can guess where it´s from


an other silhouette charm - this time it´s A
i`m now in the top knot business... just like the whole blog world
the little egg carrier is one of the more practical things i got this weekend
finally brought myself to use the tiny noodles i found in lissbon


the pretty beatle on Es "Today i saw" postcard
i was very successfully browsing several flea markets this weekend so i´m going to post a lot of pictures... at first a pink glass bowl
we already got this one in green
somebody came by to show as picture of our house around 1910 - it still looks the same missing the flower boxes in front of the windows on the second floor (we didn´t know they existed)
it was a pretty poor neighbourhood back then, those kids didn`t look happy at all and the larger boy in the apron as a giant left foot maybe evoked by an injury


"A is greedy, i`m sorry to say..."
the cookie picture is proof enough
went swimming the last few days - the first time since a cruel bike ride to the Heiligensee in Potsdam which wasn´t that good for my spinal disks
at the open air pool i always try to get the locker with the coolest number: 007
i even had fries there today
As post card for the "Today i saw" - post card swap
K and E did one too, i´ll show them an other time


baking vegan peanut butter cookies while listening to my new favorite song (greedy) Griselda from Natalie Merchants amazing new album
if it`s just as hot where you are -here`s a refreshing icy picture from Ks blog ( taken in Abisko, Sweden)
got candy coloured carnations for Ss birthday and did some fingerpainting - my favorite kind
wsake is blog of the week at kaylovesvintage - i got so excited i had to take a screenshot...
thank you very much!


looks like summer is finally here!
hope this little bird got away from all this martens and magpies rageing in our garden
working on this earl grey tea cookies right now


had a cold the last few days and stayed in bed but now the sun is shining and everything`s getting better!
working on something new:
silhouette charms of your loved ones custom-made of silver
that`s little K, the only one with a side-face picture...
thinking about hanging solutions such as for mothers/grandmothers with 2 or more children/grandchildren
since there aren´t real peaches jet - here is one made of marzipan and (of course) peonies and new shoes