as you know i got adopted by a stray cat and her two babies a while ago
those guys are hungry and wild
like really wild
this morning for the first time mama cat didn´t hiss when i was filling up their little plates with food
she was actually meowing - such a cute little voice she has
i´m kind of afraid i´ll drive her away next week when i´m getting her spayed
with a little help of a cat trap browed from the animal shelter
this is going to be pretty scary...
some evenings i can´t sit at my porch table
since it´s literally taken
but i love them of course anyway
now they inspired me to make some little CAT NECKLACES and CAT FACE NECKLACES
maybe this way i can earn a bit of extra cat money 
(as i told you - they are really hungry from all that roughhousing in the garden)
i promise i wont spend it on crazy cat lady stuff like THIS plate or the bits and pieces above
a bit about WSAKE on the lovely PAPER HEART WEDDING blog
thank you so much
also: a HUGE thank you for your comments
feed back is so great since i work alone a lot
and don´t know what to think about what i´m doing any more sometimes