new season - new things 
taking new pictures of some of our pieces
it should turn into a kind of lookbook
new glass bead colour combinations
new haircut
(not shown)
new sun glasses
guess what - got these from CELINE at TK MAXX
new planting
lots of it
new shoes
actually those i´m wearing standing dangling on my supersoft mattress
are vintage ballet slippers i just wear indoors
since they are so lovely
(and the shirt you almost can´t see with a print by me is 0941)


a couple of pictures to document my greedy shortbread habit
also some of my lovely finds from last weeks fleamarket
the only way to really keep me from biting my nails
is nailpolish
o well
ESSIE is my favorite kind 
and now all colours are available here in Germany too
but i probably should switch entirely to "healthier" brands like BUTTER or SCOTCH
but till then i indulge in all kinds of red and coral 
those go so well with this summer kind of weekend were going to have


my grandmothers (and greatgrandmothers) tulips 
very Sixties
and classy till the end
(i bet they would look great being carried around by Don Draper
in his new checkered sports jacket)
want even more petals?


on this very April-like Sunday
- sun, rain and hail - 
i started reading A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD
and after just a few pages i decided i like it very much
and i really liked the ZEIT MAGAZIN from last week
those recipies sound and look amazing
also not suitable for the histamin intolerant
but maybe i pop one of these wonder-pills
and try them anyway
shortbread is something i can and do eat
lots and lots
and it´s so easy to make
here´s how i do it:
125g butter, soft
1/4 cup + 1 table spoon icing sugar
1 cup flour
1/4 cup starch flour
salt - i like a lot

cream the butter with the icing sugar
quickly add flour and starch flour
knead lightly
form two balls, flatten them with a rolling pin
cut into 6 wedges
transfer to a baking tray - chill for an hour
bake 20 to 25 min at 160°C

some things i love to add to the dough:
salted butter from the Ile de Re - it´s divine
dried cranberries and caramelized salted and peppered chopped up almonds
crushed fennel seeds
white tea (1 - 2 bags)
(these additions work for me but probably not for everybody with histamin related problems)
the butter biscuits over at THIS IS NAIVE look very tempting


i put a few more things up on my WEBSITE
and started updating the SHOP with the LOOKING PENDANTS
they are really fun
and you´ll get a free set of FLORAL POSTCARDS
when ordering one of them - or any other piece of jewellery - in April
dying tulips are the best kind
even better in the dark
have a lovely weekend
i´m planing on hitting the flea market, COOKING and potting plants
next to a huge load of work...
how about the new blogger?!
i hope i´ll adjust to it very soon... 


it´s such a grey Sunday around here
the walk in my suburb was more ugly than usual
i´m not used to a not pretty neighbourhood
tried to cheer myself up
with potting my geranium cuttings
shown here the most tacky ones
in my matching 60s staircase and flower pots
got the first pieces of clothing with prints made by me
i really like how the black tulips turned out
i put the FLORAL POSTCARDS in the SHOP
(find more pictures HERE)
turned some ink drawings i made last summer into colourful springlike paper goods
and to spread some flowered joy
i´ll send out a free card set with every jewellery order this April


some bits from my Easter
a bunny for K - if she´s nice
- picture taken with Sophie Dahls wonderful new COOKBOOK in the background -
lots of roasted almonds
jam made from the grapes of my grandmothers tiny vineyard
- which is also a hideout for lizards so they are not eaten by the neighbours cats -
it´s so delicious
i asked for the hole glass at my future aunts brunch
those PENDANTS are being dyed today
their sparkle hurts the eye


hope you all had a very happy Easter!
i sure ate all the way through mine
and in between meals i read in my cookbooks
or watched E painting and K sleep
and then i ate some more
since all those new things for the SHOP are now ready
a few have to go to make some room
CHUNKY BRACELET + NECKLACE (will be produced further if someone is interested)
this is the last chance to get your hands on one of these
it´s going to feel a bit like spring in the shop soon


meet our greatgrandfathers Easter bunny
painted again and again every year
it now has a very nice kind of fur
the little MARNI at H&M shorts are pretty lovely
i like the print very much
also a bit of sparkle in the dark
and very golden looking LITTLE EMBOSSED PENDANTS


K says there is to much white going on on my blog
i like white
but i´ll try to reduce it a bit
step by step
last week at the fair was fun
our hall was awesome (a lot of white by the way)
the people working at the booth next to me were lovely
and the food was great - although no bagels for me (evil yeast...)
this week i´ll show you some of our new things
post cards and jewellery
sunny greetings