i need your help with this one:
tiny gold plated baked goods on a string of red silk
- necklaces for christmas time -
too cute? too much?
shall i go with grey silk instead? or offer both possibilities?
hope you all have a sunny autumn friday!

5 Kommentare:

  1. schönes fensterbrett. hab ich gemacht.

    ich mag nur echte anhänger. du könntest solche schokokringel hernehmen.

  2. Could you sell the tiny gold plated baked good with two strings of silk, one grey and one red? Then one necklace would feel like two.

  3. ach die bretzel ist ja super : ) wunderschöne farben in deinen bildern

  4. I like the idea of two intertwined or one of each. Some people like it bold, some not so much!

  5. denise, kathryn - these are very good ideas! thank you both so much!