this time - a little bit of blue
guess what: i´m a lucky girl - i won the Mountains Tea Towel giveaway
it is so so pretty
thank you so much, Elisabeth!
some of the enamel pieces for collaboration: layers
i´m not sure what i´m gonna do with them - pendants? brooches?
(these are the other participants: Kathryn Clark, Inklore and Three By Sea)
some new but vintage glass beads
and a golden bag

4 Kommentare:

  1. ich bin ja gespannt wie sich mausi und die anderen tierchen verstehen..

  2. Once again, love your photo combo. These would make beautiful brooches. (that's a funny word, isn't it?)

  3. Oh, how very nice to see it here in this context. Lovely, thanks :)

  4. oh lucky you...this tea-towel is sooo pretty...