actually i decided to live on chocolate croissants
but today i´m turning these beauties into Beer Baked Beans
tomorrow i´ll get my inflamed vertebras checked out by some specialists
i´m a bit scared though
maybe i´ll take Little Laughing Dog with me to cheer me up
( yesterday i listened to Gigi
now i´d like to throw some langue de chat at a rich guy
who wants to start a scandolous affair
anyone?! )

4 Kommentare:

  1. dont'worry for tomorrow's doctor.. and go on with chocolate! :)
    your blog is very nice (and keep in touch for beer beans :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy that croissant, They are WAY better in Europe than in the states, sigh!

  3. Such an idea. Maybe I'll live on almond croissants.

  4. those beer baked beans look interesting. I hope everything goes well with your doctor.