this is probably my strangest birthday so far
the first one without my grandmother showing up the day before
carrying the first PEONIES of the season
and my mum spending it in the hospital trying to adjust her bloodsugar
but W went to the playground and made me a sand cake
- he helped me afterwards baking a real one, too -
an apple rhubarb tart with a rustic spelt crust
my friends were all most lovely
i took myself to the garden
and made me a tiny bouquet
(no, this is not my kitchen counter top and a pipe
it´s a window sill and a little cable)
now i want to become a doll house florist
no kidding - have to get out all those little vases
i´m thinking about doing 30 tiny bouquets before 30
a nice assignment, maybe themed ones, too
any ideas?

 (should i keep this crocheted shorts?!)

5 Kommentare:

  1. der sandkuchen sieht ja besser aus als der echte!

  2. wie so oft so schon so träumerisch.

  3. Happy belated birthday.
    Yep, keep the shorts!

  4. happy belated birthday!
    what a beautiful set
    and yes, definitely keep them :)