a bit of powder blue today 
thought i would make no more glass bead necklaces
but then summer came
and i longed for a bit of colour and dug deep into my bead archive
you can find them HERE
they´re all one of a kind
some of the beads over a hundred years old
collected on flea markets and fairs
although i visited great stores like DO YOU READ ME
and visited amazing exhibitions
i´m really sorry i somehow missed PACIFIC STANDARD TIME)
also there´s a tiny glimpse at a lovely CARD from BASTIS RIKE
i´m still searching for the perfect place to put up her PRINT
thank you again for this beautiful surprise
reading the blog of one of the girls i met in Berlin
and had to make it right away, throwing in some frozen blueberries
danke, JULIE

3 Kommentare:

  1. ich habe zu danken liebe anna

    (der verweis auf die schokotorte ist wirklich gemein, wo ich doch endlich meine zuckersucht bekaempfen moechte)


  2. Oh my goodness, your sweets have been looking so tasty.