this are the first pictures of a lovely project i´m working on
as i told you, i met a lot of great people at THE HIVE in Berlin
one of them Dana of the amazing childrens clothing company TANNHAUSER
and after a short talk and two emails we decided to do a collaboration
- WSAKE fine jewellery for TANNHAUSER -
inspired by ancient cross stitch patterns - just like the prints of the collection
(more pictures coming soon for sure - and check out the first glimps of the LOOKBOOK shoot by Flannery O´Kafka)
yesterday they were shipped of to PLAYTIME PARIS and PLAYTIME NEW YORK
i couldn´t be more excited
since i´m doing a lot of precise sawing by hand
i thought i wouldn´t get any better
but after working on these prototypes
it looks like i turned into a laser cutter

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