W really can make everything
missing pieces of a Rolls Royce, a dome for your steeple including a weathercock
my bed (and soon bed side table)
so this bowl was a trifle for him to create
also i have to add "unfinished" is not his thing
his work looks kind of perfect, like he´s some human machine
he asks ten times if i really want it to look that way
we´re hooked now with coming up with goods for the kitchen and table
after all creating those kind of things is what silversmiths actually did do 
(well, for really posh tables of course)
not so often anymore
which is a shame
so here´s the first glimpse of the DELICIOUS BOWL
can i tell him you like it, too - because i do
also: is "mmh..." really an international expression of culinary delight?
two long gone TINY BOUQUETS
#9 NECTAROSCORDIUM (very onion-smelly)
hopefully i grow old just like these columbine leaves
looking more beautiful every day

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