some pictures i took in Paris 
using my old little digital camera
as you can see i spent most of the time eating pastries
Rose Bakery was my favorite - the green tea cake with raspberries was beyond amazing
(although i didn´t react so good to all those eggs it was totaly worth it)
i went to their smaller store and fell in love with its industrial furnishings and most kind and funny shop girls
i used the Paris guide from THIS IS NAIVE
(but i didn´t buy anything from Repetto and those kitchen stores...)
and i was very thankful for all of your tipps - although i didn´t have the time to check them all out
staying in a very not pretty Etap hotel for the last two days
i really saw the beautiful and the ugly of this crowded city, delightful and a bit repelling
almost frightening
my little Laduree bag looked quite misplaced there
but that special Paris light is bewitching everywhere you go
now i´m a bit broke 
(it was sale season after all and i could not resist some pretty things...)
eating plain noodles with pepper + salt now, watching a breadstick VIDEO

4 Kommentare:

  1. so lovely! My Paris rule: A maccaron a day keeps the sadness away! :) Can't wait to hear some trip stories! And don't you worry about being broke now -I've got it all covered for you! ;)

    xoxo, jacqueline

    Mannequin de Vitrine

  2. got the ROSE BAKERY book as a birthday present ... nice to know you like this place and you had a nice time in paris


  3. beautiful images and video too, merci!

  4. oh Paris, so lovely, I hope you had a wonderful time, impossible not to! Lovely photo's too, the lonely laduree bag : )