a bit on gardening and PIN rings
things i´ve learned so far: 
- patience is the number one virtue in a garden 
now i always get the smaller flower pot available to become even more patient
- it takes up to 20 years to graft mistle toe onto an apple tree 
and many more years until this little parasite gets little berries himself
- you can get those berries to use for grafting on a garden dump
not any garden dump, a cemetery one
which is also a good source for miniature thujas and ceders around chistmas time
to grow an eerie looking dollhouse wood with
and to get the weirdest collection of strange single tulips in springtime
- wisdom from the chief gardener -
who already did an amazing job unraveling 4 cubic meters of Virginia creeper
until there were only those two twines left adorning the house
can´t wait what he comes up with in Spring
when we try to get a rockery hidden under ivy and spruce tree stumps back to shape 
W made a Pin number star shaped punch for our PIN RING 
and now we´re thinking about the option to actually get an important number engraved inside the ring
the design is one of his from the 70s
and he wanted to adorn it with a bit of a secret
got a huge apple crop? 
one of the best sweet things i ever tasted 
sent half of it to E but it got lost in the mail
got those lovely vintage hanging baskets for my birthday back in May
now i finally got to teach myself how to macramee those strings
it´s a fun and quite easy thing to do
what do we think of Lana Del Reys pink angora sweater?
almost choked on the fuzz
but it is kind of hot - temperature wise

6 Kommentare:

  1. puh..was für schöööne bilder..und was für ein zauberhafter oberkörperwärmer..und eben hab ich deine brezn entdeckt..das wird ein weihnachtswunsch von mir.. /ti

    1. sehr gerne hol ich dir eine brezn aus dem ofen... sieht so aus, als wäre es bald kalt genug für das rosa ungetüm.

  2. hui ist das aber schön, da oben.
    immer wieder und wieder angeschaut!


  3. patience, yes, patience- so useful in many.

    what a beauty that ring is!

  4. liebe anna, das paket kam an! sa hat sich sehr gefreut.